ApeCoin DAO Ape Club NFT

ApeCoin DAO Ape Club

An Ape NFT derivative, crafted for the ApeCoin DAO community.


Ecosystem Fund Allocation


Craig Moss
Project Co-ordinator

Craig is a front-end developer by trade and has worked on various projects in his IT career.
Craig is an active ApeCoin DAO member and enjoys getting creative with new ideas in the ApeCoin DAO space, he recently passed AIP 376 which will initiate the ApeCoin DAO - Web3 Development Working Group.

NOTE: Additional Team members to be added after initial feedback stages from the community.


Welcome to the ApeCoin DAO Ape Club, we are Apes at heart, we are powered by ApeCoin.

The ApeCoin DAO Ape Club is a derivative of the much loved Bored Ape Yacht Club, but crafted with a set of unique traits and attributes, some borrowed, some new, all Ape.

The aim is to create a Bored Ape Yacht Club derivative crafted specially for the ApeCoin DAO and it’s community who are out here grinding everyday to make ApeCoin great again.

It’s time to get our Ape on.


The DAO Ape Club derivative collection will feature the ApeCoin brand throughout, but in our own special and unique way.

ApeCoin blue being the colour of winners, we will carry the ApeCoin theme throughout the collection and create custom traits and attributes to highlight the ApeCoin brand.

Our “special” traits will easily distinguish our Apes from the rest, perfect for when we’re out in the wild wild X.

Not only will the project create use case and utility for ApeCoin and the brand, 40% of mint fees will be given back to the DAO once we have completed our Mint phase of 4200 NFTs.

Approx 200 NFTs will be minted by the project team for giveaways, prizes and promotions.

In addition to the DAO Ape Club NFT, we aim to launch an Ape tailor site which will include banners for your X profile pages, all in one neat package.


DAC - The DAO Ape Club NFT (Option 1) or
BADC - Bored Ape DAO Club (Option 2 on name)

ApeTailor - A custom tailor site for your Ape NFTs with various traits that you can switch up and share with your frens.

ApeBanners - A banner generator for your social profiles like X/Twitter so you can rep the ApeCoin brand in style.

A detailed breakdown of the platforms and technologies that will be used, if any.

The DAO Ape Club will utilise the ERC-721 contract to mint our new Ape NFTs, a custom mint site will be utilised for the minting process.

Magic Eden will be used to trade our DAC NFT collection, we could also list on other secondary marketplaces like OS, Rariable, Blur, etc.

Our website and platforms will utilise various web3 technologies to offer all the cool functionality for your Apes.

The NFTs will utilise SVGs for the artwork which offers a higher quality image with zero pixelation, perfect for games and other uses including the metaverse.

The ApeCoin discord will be home to our Apes, it’s where we all interact and play together.

X / Twitter will be our social engagement platform of choice.


Step One: (1 Month est.)

Initial setup of project which includes social media account, domains, hosting and ENS registrations.
Marketing and promotions material design and UI/UX mockups.
We will begin our social media campaign via Twitter and the ApeCoin discord.

Step Two: (1 Month est.)

Design and creation of our custom ApeCoin NFT traits, strictly adhering to the ApeCoin brand guidelines.

Step Three: (1 Month est.)

Build the main website and mint for the launch of the DAO Ape Club NFT.
Launch the DAC NFTs on Magic Edens secondary marketplace.

Mint and launch, includes whitelist for ApeCoin DAO members based on levels

Level 1: WL spot x1
Level 2: WL spot x2
Level 3: WL spot x3
Level 4: WL spot x 4

Public mint of remaing NFTs after WL closes

Mint cost will be $30 per NFT + gas costs

Step Four: (1 Month est.)

Next we aim to launch the Ape NFT tailor and banner websites so you can get your Ape on in style.

Step Five:

Ongoing Marketing and Promotions

We will continue to market and grow the project, seeking further collaborations for the project
Incorporate various NFT communities into these platforms once we have launched the DAO Ape Club.

We aim to create promotional clothing and apparel for giveaways and prizes, more to come.


The project will require 20 000 ApeCoin at current market rate.

Funds will be utilised for marketing, design and development the NFT collection, building of the website, tailor site and any other costs associated with launch of the project.

All proceeds from the project will be split with the ApeCoin DAO in a 60/40 split and will include the mint fees from the collection launch and royalties from NFT sales on secondary marketplaces.

We aim to launch the NFT with a mint price of $30.00 each + gas costs which will allow us to pay back the initial AIP amount to the ApeCoin DAO.

“Thank you for taking the time to read this AIP and we welcome your feedback and comment on the AIP Idea.” WebMoss

Thanks for showing your support @Rubinato

Part of the project will be to create a section on the site where we would like to include different ApeCoin banners and possibly a section for artists to upload their artwork.

I’m toying with the idea that users can pay an ApeCoin to download or tip the artists for their work.

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I think if anyhting we’d get new eyes on us from an NFT launch. You’re not asking for millions. We don’t actually have one. I’d go with a name similar to above, and not one with bored ape in it.

Tbh I can’t think of a single reason to object (but it’s early here so maybe i will later on :innocent:).

But even if we view this solely as a marketing opportunity (I know it’s so much more than that), launched at the right time, when sentiment is returning to our arena, the benefits could be substantial for the DAO.



Thanks @furiousanger

Appreciate the feedback on name… and open to all suggestions.

I’m still in talks with the artist, the artwork would be done using SVG which is really high quality with no pixelation. Gives the NFT a High definition finish and perfect for use in games, tailor sites and so much more.

My hopes are we could integrate into some of the games, metaverse experiences and other virtual worlds in the future.

Let’s grow


Are you not going to mint in APE?


Hi @bigbull

I would like that, I need to see how we would handle it and if any additional costs come into play, the NFTs will live on Ethereum.

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Now I see what you are working on!


Cool idea to make new ape NFTs with ApeCoin colors and logos. Getting some of the NFT money back to the DAO is nice. Being able to customize the ape pics and make branded pics for social media is fun too. The 20k ApeCoin budget seems high to start. But overall making ApeCoin-themed NFTs could be a neat way to promote ApeCoin and bring the community together


Thanks for your feedback @OpecSmith360

I think it can definitely add value to the community and bring a level of fun, will be a great way to market the ApeCoin brand.

In regards to the budget estimate, I hope to bring the ask amount down but also feel we need some wiggle room to cover any unforeseen costs.

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I’m enthusiastic about the idea, but I have a question: How does one qualify for the WL? Are payments accepted in Ape or USD?

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Hi @Onnuel

If you are a level 2 in ApeCoin forum and discord then you are given a WL to mint 2 NFTs, level 3 allows minting 3, etc.

Once the WL window closes, we would move to a Public Mint and limit it to say 5 per mint, anyone can mint at this stage.

The goal is to give the active community members a chance to secure their ApeCoin DAO Ape pfps.

Thanks for your feedback


Hey can you expand on this & the art. Curious what gives your ‘project’ the ability to use BAYC traits pretty blatantly?


Hi @SeraStargirl

Thanks for your feedback.

The aim is to keep the overall look and feel of the Apes but add different traits like a blue or white cap with the ApeCoin logo on it, perhaps a blue tracksuit top with same.

We would be creating something very similar to what is offered by some of the current tailor sites at the moment.

Instead of rainbow grills it would be white and blue.

Theres a few different traits I’m thinking of to distinguish the ApeCoin Apes from BAYC but ideally they will look similar to carry the Ape theme.

Please understand that no disrespect is intended to any BAYC holders, at this stage the AIP is being put forward to gauge feedback from the community, its an idea that could work very well and give back to the community and the DAO, but in the same breathe upset a lot of Apes at the same time, which is totally understandable.

Before we would go ahead we would need to reach out to Yuga labs for their support. Ideally, being an ApeCoin branded product and initiative we want to become an extension of the family, almost like Bored cousins.

Do you own any BAYC with this trait to be able to own the rights to do a derivative of it to sell? If you are using the exact line work from the OG collection you need to own the ape for it to be cleared (to my knowledge).

Don’t want you to get rekt. Def talk to Yuga before going any further with this.
The artwork needs to be cleared before even taking it to this stage imo


Thanks for your advice @SeraStargirl

I agree it should be brought to their table first and will withdraw the idea.

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You bring up a good point. I am going to make a topic about this.

Please see here:

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Couple quick thoughts:

  • Dont use Bored blah blah club in the name
  • Mint in $APE
  • In line with what Sera is recommending…make different art than BAYC, instead of a derivative (an alternative is a ApeKin NFT collection). It would be unique to the DAO and extend the mascot concept that many, including Bored Apes have shown to like and could get behind rather than potentially causing friction.

All good. Always eager to see what you come up with. :saluting_face:

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Hi ApeCoin DAO Community,

@0xWebMoss has requested to withdraw their application. This AIP will be moved to and remain in the Withdrawn AIPs category.

Kind Regards,