ApeCoin DAO Development Program and Ecosystem Development Lead

But this AIP has nothing to do with the Polygon AIP implementation. This is a bizdev AIP that’s required to fund that ApeChain AIP. So, I don’t see how Gerry’s relationship with Polygon is of any relevance here; and which thus requires him to be the sole administrator for DAO bizdev.

I don’t have a specific problem with Gerry writing the AIP. I do have a problem with it being a position that’s not elected by the DAO and which is basically a bizdev AIP in which one person gets to control over $3M+ of DAO funds and which another AIP relies upon- right off the bat.

As I said in that other AIP:

Finally, and this one bugs me the most, the bizdev aspect of the companion AIP “Development Fund” is basically based on the AIP idea that I created last week and which contains a bizdev proposal which is not only created and controlled by the DAO, but is a lot more impactful, expansive - and controlled by the Ape Assembly of members voted by the community. You can read more about that below.

And while I am aware that Gerry - like others - has advocated for ApeCoin to move to its own chain, I don’t believe that one person gets to make that decision for the entire DAO - while working behind the scenes with one vendor. A vendor which isn’t even the only leading L2 player in town. Having a good relationship with the BD team of a vendor isn’t a good reason for adopting that tech and outside of standard DAO procedures. We should be able to review various vendors for such an impactful issue in order to pick the best possible choice.

So, for me, both of these AIPs are very problematic in so many ways.