AIP-3: Year 1 Budgets - Ecosystem Fund Allocation

Category: Core - Ecosystem Fund Allocation
Author: Cartan Group LLC


This document proposes the APE Foundation’s budget for March 17, 2022 until December 31, 2022, which as outlined below allocates up to 6% of the total APE Ecosystem Fund, for events, game development, education, marketing, and merch.


The main motivation behind this proposal is to set up the APE Ecosystem for success in year 1. We propose using 6% of the total APE Ecosystem Fund on four foundational spending categories. DAO members will vote throughout the year on the specific proposals within each category. The amount proposed for each category is being recommended to accelerate adoption, adequately support projects and collaborations, and create opportunities for ROI in year 1.


It is essential to launch the DAO with an Ecosystem Fund that is set up to maximize funds, create opportunities for growth, and support the long-term operation of the DAO. This proposal seeks to do that by setting aside a foundational budget of 6% for the following categories.

Up to 3.2% of the Ecosystem Fund for game development: This makes it possible to partner with game developers ranging from top-tier studios to indies, creating games and providing in-game incentives that bring the APE community to the forefront of web3 gaming. This also provides a potential opportunity to generate funds for the benefit of the APE Ecosystem.

Up to 1.2% of the Ecosystem Fund for events: This allows for the execution of virtual and IRL events that have high engagement, strengthen the community, and reflect our mission to serve the community and drive web3 culture forward.

Up to .8% of the Ecosystem Fund for merch production: This allows for merch launches of high-quality products that tie into other APE Ecosystem projects and, in cases of merch that must be purchased, generates funds for the Ecosystem Fund.

Up to .5% of the Ecosystem Fund for education and marketing: This will support initiatives and partnerships that can grow the user base beyond the current APE community and early adopters. The more adoption there is, the more the community can do in the short-term and long-term future.

Up to .3% of the Ecosystem Fund for development of an ApeCoin NFT marketplace: This allows for the creation of a decentralized NFT marketplace, subject to advice from counsel, where creators can set their own secondary fee, and the marketplace’s commission fee will feed back into the Ecosystem Fund.


Up to 3.2% of the Ecosystem Fund for game development
Up to 1.2% of the Ecosystem Fund for events
Up to .8% of the Ecosystem Fund for merch production
Up to .5% of the Ecosystem Fund for marketing and education efforts
Up to .3% of the Ecosystem Fund for an ApeCoin NFT marketplace
TOTAL - Up to 6% of the Ecosystem Fund


Create a new wallet in Coinbase
Transfer 6% of the Ecosystem Fund to that new wallet


These budgets will cover up to the calendar year end from the date of ratification of this proposal.


Up to 6% of the Ecosystem Fund from March 17, 2022 to December 31, 2022.


This proposal is live for Snapshot vote at: Snapshot

The voting period closes on March 30, 2022 at 9PM ET.