ApeCoin DAO Development Program and Ecosystem Development Lead

Appreciate the pivot. IMO it’s the right move.

I also agree with @SmartAPE in that I’d love to see a full list of required and nice-to-have qualifications for the role. Honestly I want to see this for every role the DAO hires, including the SC. We need an objective set of measurements to weed out unqualified applicants and then judge the applicants that meet minimum qualifications. I expect a level of rigor that we’d find at any major tech company, with this job post from Google being a solid example.

I also believe that we should be budgeting for advertising roles to get applicants. Posting these roles on major job boards to get highly qualified applicants from outside of our ecosystem who will add a diverse and valuable perspective to push us forward. There is immense quantitative data showing that more diverse workforces have better outcomes. I believe that this level of thoughtfulness and rigor around hiring can really help this space push forward. While we have incredible talent within, ultimately the web 3 sphere is tiny and severely limits the talent pools.


It is really good idea, man!


I am confused by certain negative feedback. If you hire a role it is right that the role has a program budget and not the just the salary.

I also like that there is a significant percentage of the total compensation package (TCP) as a bonus. I also like the 1 year lockup and having a vesting schedule.

Frankly more AIPs should be written with this structure.

Good job!


We appreciate the positive feedback Bull. :saluting_face:

The pay structure was indeed intended to encourage alignment.

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it’s really.
This issue you mentioned needs to be resolved first.

Yes it can, but it wouldn’t be our own, there’s this difference, but I understand your message.

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