BeyondTheSWAMP Update & Transparency Report

BeyondTheSWAMP Magazine Update & Transparency Report
Written, prepared and formatted by @AllCityBAYC
Made by Apes license #00013
February 11th, 2024


BeyondTheSWAMP Magazine aims to become the go-to collectible resource for culture in the NFT space and all things ApeCoin.


The following has been created for the ApeCoinDAO community as a means for direct insight into the status of AIP-169 BeyondTheSWAMP Magazine.

Where are we at, you might ask? Glad you did… Currently, we have the content to release 3.75 - 60 page magazines with 34 - 1500+ word print-ready features written by 17 freelancers that have passed through proofreaders and an editorial team ranging from Orangie to Sera Stargirl, Michael K and Wallet Guard to Boring Security and more. We’ve also got loads of great artwork from premiere Web3 and Web2 artists ready to showcase.

Why haven’t we dropped yet? Well, a couple of reasons, but primarily because I haven’t found the right creative hire who can execute the page layout and design vision that I want the magazine to have — but not for a lack of effort, as I’ve gone through a few. In addition, the Adobe InDesign (industry-standard software and subsequent file type) learning curve for my long-time design team, whom I can trust creatively, ended up being far more challenging coming from an Illustrator and Photoshop background than we had assumed. Bottom line, we’re definitely in a slowly-at-first, then all-at-once position.

It’s also worth noting that anyone close to the DAO knows how seriously I take my Governance role; which has been one of the best decisions of my life to go after, and one that I happily dedicate an extensive amount of attention toward each day to assure that ApeCoin gets the absolute most out of me — which I plan to double down on this in July.

All of that being said, beginning with this document, I have reignited my creative fire for BeyondTheSWAMP and am currently putting together a more aggressive campaign in search of the missing piece that we need — someone I can trust to execute my vision properly and bring the space the ongoing cultural doses that it needs.

In the meantime, I suggest going through the following for a forensic account of project spending and content creation.

Full proposal and original date posted
Snapshot voting results and approval date
  • Approval date: February 1st, 2023
  • Link to Snapshot
Total grant amount, date received and denomination details
  • Total grant amount: $52,500.00
  • Denominated in: USDC (21909.00) and APE (7537.94)
  • Date received: April 21st, 2023
  • Not due to the fault of anyone or any entity, there was a discrepancy in grant value between the time which funds were released vs when the funding (amount) was calculated 24hrs earlier, resulting in a loss equivalent to over $1200.00 USD due to $APE price volatility, as shown here
Cash on hand and price depreciation
  • Cash on hand: 10,299.67 APE as shown here (staked)
  • Value denominated in USD today: $14,831.52 ($1.44 APE as shown here)
  • Equivalent value denominated in USD at time of issuing: $40,168.00 ($3.90 APE as shown here)
  • Total loss: $25,336.48 (48.2%)
Completed line items
  • Advisors (reduced/no cost): FoxSlightly, BoredApeG as shown here
  • Columnists and contributors (increased cost): $5300.00 (17 total authors, 34 print-ready pieces, strict no ChatGPT policy
  • Cover/featured artist: Dedos as shown here. Payments shown (128 APE + [0.23 + 0.61] 0.84 ETH) payment1 payment2 payment3 here
  • Publishing manager (reduced/no cost): AllCityBAYC
  • Otherdeed golden cover (purchased to be provided to rarest (BTS) NFT holder shown here
  • Otherdeed Twitter giveaway to drive traffic and grow account: here
  • Additional NFTs used for prize pool (increased cost to generate more incentive during poor market conditions): 15 NFTs, 4.85 ETH spent on May 31st, 2023 shown here
  • Contingency planning: Was put aside in APE but lost due to price volatility
  • Dedicated iMac: As shown here as a Mac Mini (not including monitor, keyboard, webcam, mouse, USB hub)
  • Adobe Creative Cloud: Paid monthly by third-party credit card as shown here
  • Ledger 3 pack shown here
Incomplete line items

We underestimated the learning curve going from Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to Adobe InDesign which led to inefficient workflow and poor end results; where our achilles’ heel has been the page layout and design aspect. Governance Working Group Steward duties also play a large factor why this issue has not yet been resolved.

Currently, 4 out of 5 incomplete line items are running concurrently and cannot be finalized until after addressing the page layout and design challenges, while the remaining 1 out of 6 is page layout and design.

  • Legal (reduced costs/items) (incorporated independently) (content review to be completed after page layout & design)
  • Additional logos, branding and other graphic design (to be completed after page layout & design)
  • Printing (to be completed after page layout & design)
  • Packaging (to be completed after page layout & design)
  • Promotion (to be completed after page layout & design)
Removed line items
  • Website + smart contract development (opting for Manifold due to decreased value of APE)
  • Third-party website + smart contract audit (opting for Manifold due to decreased value of APE)
  • 250.00 Converted to ETH (opting for Manifold due to decreased value of APE)
Completed content
  • 34 print-ready features, interviews and articles as shown
  • Written, proofread, paid-out
  • Minimum 1500 words
  • $300.00 USD per article
  • 3 x 500 - 750 words provided at no cost

Total spent on content: $5300.00

Projected output

Based off of 31 (1500 word) and 3 (500-750 word) completed pieces.

  • 1500 words = 3 single-spaced pages
  • 5 pages w/design elements and images
  • 31 articles x 5 pages = 155 pages
  • 3 (500 - 750 word) articles x 1.5 pages = 4.5 pages

Total: 159.5 pages
Target page count per magazine: 60

  • 159.5 ÷ 60 = 2.65 magazine issues
  • 25 full-page art + advertisements per issue
  • 25 x 2.65 magazine issues = 66.25 pages
  • 159.5 + 66.25 = 225 total pages
  • 225 ÷ 60 page

Total 60 page magazines: 3.75

Additional spending
  • $2193.75 for proofreading and editing as shown here
  • $1000.00 for motion graphics for augmented cover as shown here
  • $4500.00 for page layout & design that will not be used (absorbed out of author’s pocket)
  • $240.00 Business cards here, promo cards here
  • 10 x $100 = $1000 for full-page graffiti apes shown here
External environmental factors

Falling APE price

  • Potential solution: Convert APE to USDC
  • Potential solution: Don’t swap USDC into APE

48.2 % total loss of funding

  • Potential solution: Increase physical magazine production
  • Potential solution: Reduce and/or omit spending in certain areas
  • Potential solution: Sell advertising
  • Potential solution: Use personal funds as needed

Poor market conditions

  • Potential solution: Focus more on physical copies
  • Potential solution: Reduce end-user cost
  • Potential solution: Offer credit card options
  • Potential solution: Generate more incentives to purchase
  • Potential solution: Increase marketing plans
  • Potential solution: Source out official collaboration opportunities


The plan moving forward is to increase recruiting efforts for the technical execution of the page layout and design components of our finished product. In an effort to keep the magazine authentic and deeply rooted within the Web3 and creative culture that I’m looking to foster, we have not yet explored more standard methods of sourcing talent using various online platforms that specialize in pairing service providers with clients — which we will now begin to look into.

Also, given my limited availability outside of ApeCoinDAO Governance duties, it may also be beneficial to find an additional creative director whose style aligns with my thinking and can work closely with the designer.

Bottom line is that it’s time to start having some fun again and put a little more trust into service providers outside of my immediate networks.



Feel free to drop any questions, comments or feedback below peeps…

And DMs always open if you’d prefer to communicate there :muscle: :muscle:



Love this vibe, love the concept, love that this is still in progress, and very much looking forward to the release :star_struck: :fire: :heart: :gorilla:


Thanks fam!

Thought creating this might be a fun way to spark the creative flow back up and have the community become part of the ride from here out.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget about prioritizing things that aren’t right in front of your face on a day-to-day basis, so even just creating this had my mind racing in all sorts of awesome ways. Also ended up firing off a few emails to some local designers to see if there might be a fit. Looking forward to waking up to a couple responses.

Here’s a couple of examples off my phone from a while back with some of the layouts we have for a Chimpers piece with Insight and Timpers, and a pretty cool one with Flowstay, the guy who created Ordinal Punks…


Hey @AllCityBAYC, great update on BeyondTheSWAMP Magazine! Really appreciate the transparency and detail you’ve provided. Here are a couple of thoughts:

Recruitment Efforts: Love that you’re ramping up efforts to find the right talent.
Have you thought about hosting a design contest within the community?
Or maybe collaborating with NFT Design Awards ( or NFTCalendar ( to find fresh talent?
I know the founder of both, and they have a huge database of talented designers. It could be a great way to tap into a wider pool of creative minds



Awesome seeing you in here and thanks for going through the update! Definitely aware of NFT Calendar but hadn’t come across NFT Design Awards yet and took a look at their Twitter — looks interesting. Let’s connect on this…

Hitting you up on Twitter now :dizzy: :dizzy:



Feels like just yesterday that it was up for voting and hype for a magazine born from within the DAO. For real its life, a journey from a community member to an accepted AIP author to Governance Steward, this AIP has stood tall all along. Hope you are able to pass the torch to someone who is capable to designing it with your vision, tons of talented people out here in the DAO as well as outside the DAO.

I request anyone reading this, help AC out if you know someone who is fluent with drafting pages and different Adobe suits.

Good luck AC! GGWP


Thank you Evil!

Kind words… And yup, never a straight line with these things but I think by keeping this thread going so that the community can follow along on the road to completion will be a great way for everyone to get involved from feedback to final product :muscle::muscle:



lfg pumped to see this come to life!!


The big ape! We gotta get you in there somehow.

Will brainstorm something fun… :gorilla::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart:


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It is great to see transparency updates. @AllCityBAYC good to see you leading by example.

Many other AIPs, I am sure had challenges in implementation. Owning the challenges and difficulties, we can find ways to overcome them and get more AIPs implemented.

Also, others who are quiet as they face challenges, by sharing they may find they may not be as insurmountable as they think.


Here for it… And only way to be :muscle: :muscle:

Happy New Year :red_gift_envelope: :dragon: :dragon:


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Thanks for the update @AllCityBAYC! It’s important for authors to understand progress on a project is rarely a straight line to the finish line. Although you’ve encountered road blocks along the way, it’s great to see you continue to push forward and find solutions to them.

Hopefully this post encourages other authors to share updates on where they are with the implementation of their proposals so the community can stay up-to-date and potentially help out where appropriate.


Hi @AllCityBAYC,

Thanks for the detailed transparency report. It’s great to see the progress and the effort you’ve put into ensuring transparency for us, as well place the expecting standards of reports for the community.

I appreciate your dedication to finding the right creative hire for the page layout and design vision. It’s a crucial aspect, and taking the time to get it right will undoubtedly contribute to the success of the magazine. - I’m confident, it will be well worth the wait.

The comprehensive breakdown of project spending and content creation provides a clear picture of where the resources are allocated.

I’m excited to see the magazine come to life - and looking forward to the next update!

-Mr. Hype :fire:


Big facts… And normalizing the discussion of people’s roadblocks is one of the best solution-finders there is — particularly for small teams requesting modest amounts of funding.

#TeamworkMakesTheDreamWork :dizzy:

Thank you brother! Means a lot!!

Was actually putting some thought into creative ways to keep updates flowing and fun for everyone to read and have a few ideas… Still fleshing things out to make sure that they remain achievable, but I’d like to establish some regular cadence to them.

Fine line between teasing content before publishing it but I do want the community to feel like they are part of this journey with me, so I’m thinking that I might drip some of it out here and there for everyone to read, and in-turn watch it come to life in the finished product with images and design features.

So maybe we set that off now? Here is one of my favourite Q&As with a good IRL buddy of mine Loro Masnah talking about growing up in Bogota, Columbia in the 90s, street art and the transition into NFTs + more.

Also excited to give people a sense for my approach to journalism and the overall the content vibe we’re looking for.



Hi man,

I LOVE THAT. The way you wrote the idea, and even without visuals — it was really fun to read the interview and imagine the famous wall. I appreciate how Loro acknowledges and respects the essence of pixels and pixel art, as a pixel creator. It was enjoyable morning read AC.

-Mr. Hype :fire:


Love that bro… Exactly the type of response that I’m looking for with our content.

Really glad that you liked that. Also, for anyone landing in the thread who hasn’t had a chance to read the piece I posted above, or hadn’t heard the name Loro Masnah yet — I guarantee that you’ve seen his work.

Loro is the artist behind the famous NFT wall in Williamsburg.


Would you consider showcasing the dark and grimy parts of the future. There isn’t an internet and BAYC without that degeneracy


Great question Xavier! And yes, balance is key…

Not sure that I would focus on it per se but definitely important to dig around and make sure that the interesting stories are heard!


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I would love to live in there lol, what an amazing decor for an Ape Co-Working concept too :star_struck: