Blockchain Primer for ApeChain

gm. I’m putting together a primer (informative text) that should give the ApeCoin DAO community some context into the implications and considerations towards building ApeChain. In particular, in the last section I outline some discussion points and comments that we should engage in as a community. Some commentary regarding gaming and scalability can also be found. The link to the initial draft, in a Notion page, can be found below.

Overall, I believe further discussion and education is necessary for the community to make a well-informed decision. After all, ApeCoin DAO is “the” DAO and community which web3 looks up to, and the concept of blockchains requires both breadth and depth of knowledge to digest.

The development and launch of a blockchain is not just a matter of technology — but, one that relates to ideologies, use case, long-term vision and more.

It’s easier to say that it will be an optimistic or a zk rollup, but harder to say how it will be different.



Great value-add to the ApeChain convo :tada:

Haven’t read it myself yet, but I imagine this should be required reading before voting


SSP :call_me_hand:t4:


Is it silly for me to ask about the possibility of making Apes, Kodas, and Otherdeeds act as validators? I’ve wanted to ask but not sure who to ask lol


Great overview! Why not prepare this as a formal scientific manuscript with citations once finalised and get it published? Happy to help with this if needed!

My team has a simple manuscript looking at potential healthcare applications of Metaverse platforms done here as an example:

A more deeper dive into metaverse platforms and technologies as a follow-up paper that was just accepted in a large biomedical journal, pending publication - will update once its up.


Not at all. That’s a valid questions @0xSword ; I think Apes, Kodas, and Otherdeed holders could or should become validators – stake NFT to validate and receive extra fees. The question is what blockchain development framework or SDK provides us the flexibility to implement that.
I will discuss this further in the primer.


Nice! That’s a good point @docwagmi ; definitely a possibility. Here’s my Google Scholar with some of my previous academic papers.
Let me know if you want to work on something and publish it together!


Thank you for the excellent read Irvin!! Love your clear and detailed writing style- now I’m greatly looking forward to the “Hidden Shackles” section especially to be completed.

Thank you again for sharing context & making DAO discussions more inclusive.

-Halina.eth :blue_heart:

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Awesome! I can’t see the google scholar but here’s mine:

Lets definitely do this up as a publication. Sent you a DM on Twitter :wink:

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Oops. Thanks for the heads up @docwagmi .
Here’s my Google Scholar with some of my academic research papers:


For those interested, I’ve also updated the Primer with a new section titled:

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Just wanted to say thanks, still reading through this but very well done.

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