Claiming APE coin with ledger using metamask

I have searched this board and google and have yet to figure out a solution. I appreciate in advance any help. have my ledger in my metamask and have connected to to claim. I confirm the transaction and it says pending (for hours now.). On etherscan it looks like the transaction was successful but then when I cancelled the transaction and tried again the apecoin site was still showing that I could claim. I do not see the ape coin on my metamask (I added the token.). I am loath to transfer my ape and dog to my normal metamask account and then back again for both security and gas fee reasons. I was thinking I could try to do this on my phone but I am unable to connect my ledger to my metamask on the phone. Any help is greatly appreciated.


I claimed with Ledger + MM no problem. Do you have Blind Signing turned on? Ledger turns it off after firmware updates, you may have to re-enable it.