Communication strategy/ roadmap for ApeCoin

Hi all

This is just for general discussion.

I notice that since the ApeCoin launch there hasn’t been any major announcements from the DAO or BAYC. There is no clear roadmap with clear timelines as yet released. As a result, the overall price for ApeCoin has gradually declined as investors lose interest.

I wonder if there is a communication strategy for ApeCoin in development to ensure that investors are kept informed. Is BAYC or the DAO responsible for this?

Just wondering out loud.

Thanks everyone.


In my opinion the board needs to be increased in size and a couple members who will communicate avidly and push a clear narrative should be installed as a liaison between the community and the current board.


These individuals that will act as representatives to ape foundation should be nominate through an AIP and elected by $APE owners.


Well put @Aperwin. Was kinda wondering the same, seems to be a lack of interest lately. I can’t say much about lack of communication because I’m new to this and not sure how to use all com functions yet but definitely learning (i.e. replying to post). When I heard about Apecoin I got super excited and jumped in head first, just hoping I don’t break my spine on the bottom.


Hey! This is supposed to be a fun and positive thing. Please approach it with that mentality. It’ll serve as an example for how token governance can be used democratically. You’re a voter now who is also able to make comments, suggestions, and in time proposals!

Do what I did: start reading everything. Devote 10 hours to learning and reading the AIPs. Then devote 100 hours to following the important people on Twitter who are pushing proposals here.

There are processes for making things happen. Support these first AIPs that you believe in!

Welcome to ApeCoin community, it’ll keep growing. I am so happy that you are here to learn.


Well said ser, thanks for always keeping a positive attitude!

As for the original question, I do not think BAYC, with which you mean Yuga Labs will be participating in this DAO. They want to see us succeed and gave us the tools to do so, now it is up to us to provide value to investors.

Each of us is responsible.


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