Create a Tier System Marker for AIPs

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PROPOSAL NAME: Create a Tier System Marker for AIPs



This proposal aims to create a tiered system set of markers known as Tiers from 0-3. These markers will be used to create an easy-to-understand weight of ask plus a commitment to the ApeCoin DAO by easily communicating a proposer’s commitment to the DAO by their $APE holdings and how much they ask about that. Effectively allowing small stakeholders in the DAO to still make proposals and get funding about what they can do and larger players to execute at a larger scale. But enough wiggle room that anyone or any idea can indeed be brought to the table still.


  • Any $APE holder can still submit an AIP

  • Prevent low-quality AIPs

  • Optimize proposal process by automating the markers which in turn means more high-quality proposals = less time in review or edits = overall cost of operations is reduced,

  • Members enter AIPs with a clear understanding before reading them how much they hold vs how much they ask allowing for a more open discussion.

  • Sponsorship forces DAO members to think, iterate, and back ideas they support long before a vote.

  • Sponsored AIPs give us a look into how a person/group asking for 100,000+ $APE can handle and manage key ideas when submitting an AIP.

  • Prevent outsiders looking to “cash-in” a quick AIP

The biggest benefit is the prevention of wasted time in the proposal, review, and voting process while still ensuring that the process is fair and reasonable. Anyone who truly has a million-dollar idea worth it for the DAO, will partner with or get a sponsor to back them and push an AIP. If a member finds these guidelines too challenging, then it’s reasonable to assume that they shouldn’t receive 100,000+ $APE.


The Tiers are explained below:

Tier 0 = An AIP that has 0 $APE being requested. Open to anyone.

Tier 1 = An AIP that is requesting 1 - 10,000 $APE. Proposers must have at least 1 $APE.

Tier 2 = An AIP that is requesting 10,001 - 100,000 $APE. Proposers must have at least 10,000 $APE.

Tier 3 = An AIP that is requesting 100,001+ $APE. Proposers must have at least 10,000 $APE and a Sponsor.

Sponsor(s) = Person and/or Group that controls 100,000+ $APE.


Using and Snapshot


When a proposer goes to compose his AIP officially on the forum for submission, create a pop-up prompt asking what Tier is the AIP. If Tier 3, an additional prompt asking for relevant information in regards to sponsorship such as person/group name, wallet address for $APE holding verification, and any relevant links.

The forum account is already connected to a desired wallet and should be able to authenticate a user’s holdings to verify Tier-level access.


0 $APE

This makes absolutely ZERO sense to me. I will never agree to making the DAO a playground for the rich or the lucky.


We are the all welcoming DAO , 1 ApeCoin is enough. We do not categorise people by the amount of ApeCoins they have in the wallets, or make someone more valuable and giving attention more then others. More money doesn’t mean "smarter " AIPs ether.


I know I’ve addressed this over X with you but wanted to follow up here as well. The DAO currently is a playground for anyone. This proposal doesn’t stop people from making them or benefit the rich from making them. It’s aimed to reduce time spent in the AIP process by allowing members to make AIPs that feel weighted proportional to a proposer’s commitment or stake in the DAO.

Everyone is important. And anyone with 1 $APE can easily collaborate and co-author a proposal.

This AIPs objective is to speed up the process, attempt to prevent low-quality AIPs, avoid harassment on a DAO member’s weight in the DAO, and make sure due diligence is done.


This doesn’t change the welcoming nature of the DAO. And as it stands, this AIP wouldn’t change that having a 1 APE isn’t enough. More money of course doesn’t equal smarter AIPs.

We aren’t categorizing people, we’re categorizing AIPs.

The number #1 people look at of any proposal is to see what the Overall Cost is. There’s an inherent prejudice to see who’s asking and for how much. I want to remove that. I want people that are making proposal to focus on the quality and depth of their idea and for the DAO to focus on those same things.

But sometimes a user’s stake in the DAO vs their ask is a huge issue for most members because it feels disproportional and that sometimes is of no fault of the person. A person shouldn’t be held back just because their economics are lesser than others.

So my proposal leaves room for it. Nothing saying that DAO member A with 1 $APE can’t have a genius idea and just Co-author with a friend, mentor, sponsor, collaborator, supporter, you name it and has more $APE. Now we have more community, collaboration and minds working on a great idea.

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