Create an ApeCoin DAO Telegram Server

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PROPOSAL NAME: Create an ApeCoin DAO Telegram Server



This proposal aims to create a Telegram Serve for the ApeCoin DAO to expand from just Discord. More users have left Discord to avoid the plethora of scams, and notifications and being bombarded with direct messages. Telegram is an effective way to cater to an expanding audience who prefers and more simplified experience while also staying in the know about all things $APE. The ApeCoin DAO can create and control a Telegram server that communicates all updates, hosts a community, and provides information on the DAO.


  • Opens up the DAO to a broader audience.

  • Another avenue for information and socialization.

  • A more accessible form of interaction with the DAO.


Telegram is the 4th largest messaging platform in the world behind WhatsApp, WeChat, and Facebook Messenger. A larger user base than Discord.


Telegram Group Server


. Create a Telegram Group Server
2. Add needed team and admins by migrating over from Discord.
3. Create necessary channels for Announcements, AIPs, Links, and Chat.
4. Self-audit
5. Release a public link to join the Telegram Group
6. Add the official link to, Discord, and X.


0 $APE

gm @DareVader - similar to the reasons why the current ApeCoin DAO discord server is community lead, Telegram should be as well. This can simply be done via the GWG @AllCityBAYC @Amplify @tigerisfine


In general, the topic is quite interesting, but I do not understand how telegram will protect against scams? There is no less fraud there than in discord, in some cases even more (for example, auto-downloading files, etc.)


A telegram server with multiple channels is inconvenient to administer, the function has not yet been finalized and splitting into channels does not always help. Most large servers operate without channels.

Personally, my opinion is that it is better to make the group private and not create a “public” link. People can click on temporary links from discord, this will save them from a large number of scammers.

I agree. There is much more fraud in telegram.


We can do like a telegram BOT service. So people ca check it without needing to log in here, but they will not be able to respond then.


In general, it would be possible to create a telegram server, BUT it is important to take into account some factors:

  1. Prohibit sending files to regular chat users
  2. Add a bot to the chat that will automatically instantly delete all messages with links from everyone except admins
  3. Hide information about chat users so that you cannot see the full list of participants. (This will exclude sending a scam in DM to DAO participants)

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