Creating a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) incubator program powered by Apecoin

Essentially, it would be a program within the ApecoinDAO that helps new DAOs get off the ground. The incubator could provide things like funding, mentors, and technical support. It could also help to connect new DAOs with potential partners and customers. The goal would be to help new DAOs reach their full potential and create real value for their members.

You could be asking why the Apecoin DAO might want to fund a DAO incubator program, here are some reasons why I think it would go a long way if a DAO incubator program is created:
It would help to grow the DAO ecosystem. As the DAO incubator helps new DAOs get started, it would also help to grow the overall DAO ecosystem. This would lead to more innovation and collaboration and would greatly benefit everyone involved.
It would create value for the Apecoin DAO. By supporting new DAOs, the Apecoin DAO could help to create new value for it’s own members. As more successful DAOs are created through the incubator program, it could lead to more people wanting to join the Apecoin DAO and invest in it’s ecosystem. This could increase the value of Apecoin and the DAO itself. So in a way, it could be seen as a way of investing in the future of the Apecoin DAO.
Adding an example like the Ethereum Commuity Fund (ECF), which is a fund set up to support projects building on the Ethereum blockchain. The ECF provides grants and resoures to promising projects, helping them to grow and succeed. Another great example is the Polkadot Seed Fund, which is a similar program for projects building on the Polkadot blockchain.
There are also incubators for specific types of projects, such as gaming and NFTs. Another great example of the potential of DAO incubators to foster innovation and success is the Axie Infinity DAO, which was incubated by the Ethereum Community Fund. Axie Infinity as we know is a popular gaming DAO that has been incredibly successful, reaching a market cap of over $2 billion.

If you want to discuss further you can comment below and I would reply as soon as possible.

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Do you have more details about these:

  1. Ethereum Community Fund
  2. Polkadot Seed Fund

Also have you checked what has been done already or is already been funded in AIPs related to incubators. E.g.

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I checked and saw it was a proposal for a launchpad accelerator

An incubator program, like the Ethereum Community Fund, provides support and resources to projects over a longer period of time. It’s like an accelerator program, but with more hands-on approach. You can also compare with the Binance Launchpad and the CosenSys Codefi Activate Program. The Binance Launchpad is a platform, which helps projects raise funds through an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) while the CosenSys Codefi Activate Program is an incubator program, which provides mentorship, education and other resources to projects for a period of up to 12 months.


Greetings. I’m new to the DAO. Therefore, do not judge strictly. What is the difference between the incubator program and what is currently being done by the DAO using the AIP? Can you describe the specific key services and resources that the ApecoinDAO incubator program intends to offer to new DAOs, and how they will be useful for their growth and success?


You’re really digging into the details! Alright, let’s go a bit deeper. A launchpad typically works with projects that are more established and ready to launch their products. It’s usually a shorter relationship, focused on raising funds and getting the project off the ground. An incubator program, on the other hand, is more like a long-term partnership. It’s more focused on the development of the project, and it usually provides more support and guidance.

I like the idea ! a dedicated platform would be created for this ?

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Yes, a platform would be dedicated for this, it all boils down to you voting now

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vote at the top-left side

I like passion are you adding on it. I feel it. I support the ideas that push the interaction with people because and I love DAOs concept grounded. I think DAOs are the essences of successful project.
My only doubt is regarded about keep strength the successful DAOs incubated with ApeCoin mechanism. I don’t know if I am clear about it.
Yes, with ethereum and funding programs is simplified because the chain will be the first one that enjoying of projects enveloped for mainly obvious reasons. But what about ApeCoin… Anyways voted. :blush:

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Couldn’t get your question here, could you rephrase a bit?

Are there any specific criteria that ApecoinDAO will use to assess the acceptability of new DAO projects that need incubator support?

Yh, there are going to be specific criteria before ApecoinDAO might consider. I’m saying you can’t build nothing without a plan, Just like building a house, you need blueprints so there are going to be criteria. But it’s totally up to them to set the criteria they want, totally not up to me.

You can go ahead and vote if this answer satisfies your question, and if you have anymore questions. I’m open

Hey @Olakojodan,

The Ethereum Community Fund and Polkadot Seed Fund are excellent examples of how such programs can benefit blockchain ecosystems. However, it’s worth considering whether the DAO’s existing approved AIPs, such us, the working groups (AIP-245, AIP-246), and the Ape Accelerator (AIP-209 if I’m not wrong), are already addressing this need effectively.

-Mr. Hype :fire:

I have gone through the Ape Accelerator (AIP-209) and saw it was addressed to a launchpad that operates like the Binance Launchpad, in which projects just launch on it and use $Ape as payment, whereas the incubator project is more of getting funding, supporting with resources, getting constant communication with the team to help build a project that aligns with Apecoin believes and values.

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