DAO finance Ape

ApeCoin DAO will finance the development and publishing of three to four titles for a total of $20M to enable TBAA’s work. Initially, only $10M will be deployed, and the rest will be reserved for deployment if a title has a clear path to scaling and profitability. The funds will be distributed in stablecoins and $APE, aligning teams with the DAO as $APE holders and giving them a stake in the token’s long-term success. TBAA will have regular syncs with the ApeCoin DAO’s leadership throughout to ensure that the project remains aligned with the DAO’s vision and mission.

Top-performing games generate billions of dollars per year. If this project is successful, the DAO would benefit hugely and deliver value across the Yugaverse. As importantly, this initiative would deliver on the DAO’s mission to be the “protocol layer for community-initiatives that drive forward culture in the metaverse”. This would be one of the most ambitious projects ever supported by a DAO, and if successful, it’ll kickstart “The Great Onboarding”. Let’s make history!


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