Display whatever TF u want on a large digital billbored truck! Feb 28 - March 3

Whatever image you want, displayed on this large digital billbored truck, Feb 28th - March 3rd, at ETH Denver with 15,000 attendees. LFG :heart: :gorilla:

3 Simple Steps: :three: :white_check_mark:

  1. Make a free account here: publicbored.com :articulated_lorry:
  2. Share the Tweet which will be auto-generated in your account :hatched_chick:
  3. Upload your image & pick which day/time you want it live :clock1:

I am the author of AIP-383 The Public Bored, these free display spots for the ApeCoin DAO community is the promise which was within in the AIP. :wave: :sunglasses:

Free spots while space remains for everyone. Paid upgrades available. 20% of all revenue goes directly into the ApeCoin DAO Treasury. :money_mouth_face:

Spread the word, fill the treasury, and display whatever TF u want, (within reason lol). :pray: :earth_americas:

Comment your questions below or DM :mechanical_arm:


Be sure to check out the promo video made by @LOR3LORD


Already spreading the word :hugs:


Such a cool initiative :sunglasses:

Shoutout to @MemeBrains for setting this up and getting us all a little space to showcase some cool communities in our web3 space


Thank you!! :star_struck:

This is 100% a community intended initiative, all the word-spreading is greatly appreciated :pray:

Going live this week!!

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You’ve done amazing on this whole project dude. You absolutely killed it!