Each Season giveway 1 ape

Each Season giveway 1 ape

Follow all networks and make minimal one task of each Season

Each Season turn more hard to complete the task or find a new and available task to do.

Each commentary, like and replay will make this moviment relevant to all members for staff makes a better Financial analysis.

Let’s go together talking about this and give more details before to vote


A few questions about giving away 1 ape:

  1. Why?
  2. From where?
  3. What do you mean “each season”, does that mean season of the year, season of this new game, financial quarter, etc?

I’m also in doubt about this part of the monkey, everything else is very interesting, but is it only one every season? I think it would be very expensive

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Hey Silvio ,
Would be nice to give more info on what exactly you are trying to propose/suggest here. Seems like you talking about Thank Ape, and giving away BAYC/MAYC in a raffle. Thank Ape was originally granted 200k $ape, no NFTs and its gonna be like that, giving away an entire NFT worth thousands of $$$ wont work. People literally spammed this as gamified version for 1-2 $ape, just imagine what kind of chaos it would created if the news come out that one particular AIP is giving away an NFT worth 5 figures. Also allotting these apes would be costly too.

I suggest that you step back and elaborate more clearly what you are proposing and come back again later. This forum isnt solely for Thank Ape, but everything $ape


I agree your opinion. I will discontinue this topic.

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