Governance Working Group Updates

Gm ApeCoin!

Here’s our weekly DAO update!

:studio_microphone: Community Highlights

  • A new delegation group (megakodas.eth) recently formed and started voting last week

  • 5 AIPs live on Snapshot closing 11/1 at 9 PM EST! Don’t forget to vote: Snapshot

:building_construction: GWG Updates

:brick: AIP Implementation News

  • 58 AIPs in process, including 7 sent to Admin Review in the past week
  • Plus 32 AIPs pending Implementation updates
  • [AIP-294] Implemented artwork into the app and made it publicly available for activation
  • [AIP-291] Approved guidelines published to bottom of the ApeCoin website
  • [AIP-106] Working on implementation of POAPs
  • [AIP-70] Community Calendar added to the Gazette website

:date: DAO Community Calendar

  • Keep tabs on events going on in our community; message @red_vulkan to have your event featured!

:newspaper: Newsletter

  • Stay up to date with all the latest from our Secretary! This week’s issue includes a thank you to Gerry, an updated DAO schedule, and live/completed voting updates.