✅ Grant Accountability : ACT stack 2.0

Draft 1 (Part of ACT Stack 2.0)

Note : This is still under development, will polish this in the coming week(s)

Tracking Project KPIs and Expenses :

The case I made for it prev → AIP Milestone Tracker - #11 by apboatt

"As the Apecoin DAO is a grants DAO, which does not ask for any sort of equity whatsoever. Should how the grant amount is utilised be made public to the members at least ?" 

This is a question we should ask ourselves :thinking:

We have an obligation towards the DAO and the members its made up of to ensure that the funds allotted towards the projects are used responsibly and the expense reports are publicly available. That way we can also publicly keep track of where the money was spent and add in an additional layer of accountability. This would provide added oversight and ensure no financial mismanagement takes place.

Note : This’ll be completely voluntary, one can choose to display this important information or not.

This aligns perfectly with our aim of increasing transparency within the space. Ensuring the optimal and efficient usage of Grant money.

Checks and Balances if you will :wink:

This database will (shoutout to my boi @Vulkan ) track their progress and measure their performance on key indices.

Progress :

The workflow for it is decided and it’ll take about a week or two to get the backend db going on. Would need someone to help with the web flow CMS.

Then it’s only a matter of adoption from the side of the grant recipients and their cooperation.

Hopefully get this (the db of KPIs and financial info) up and running before it goes up for a vote.

To do :

  • Clone Vulcan’s AIP Accountability Base → after getting perms
  • Create a funnel for projects to submit their details → Pref via Airtable,
  • MVP website with a working CMS, no login required → Basic website ???
  • CMS sync’s all data from db in a visual format

Ask for the (aips.apecoin.com) subdomain if possible [Mommy pwease :flushed:]

Needs : (will add more)

(sub)domain → To link to the website

Hosting → To host the website

Designing → How else would one interact with the data ?

CMS → Sync’ing data in real time

Your love and support → :people_hugging: :sparkling_heart:

I'm also looking for help in specific roles

So if you think you’re a good fit for the roles I mention down, let me know your expectations :saluting_face:

Help Wanted :

  • Webflow CMS design
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