GWG AIP-317 Budget Impact & Transparency Report

Peeps… Quick update as we close out Q1 in the coming hours.

  • All quarter and AIP-317 transactions have been accounted for and labeled.
  • All remaining funds have been accounted for.
  • Our new Secretary will start tomorrow and will be responsible for compiling all of this into a spreadsheet for you. An official announcement regarding the hiring will be made then.
  • The GWG has issued 6451 APE (x2) loans to the Metaverse and MarComms Working Groups for legal startup costs, funded from AIP-317 surplus.
  • Our AIP-317 six-month budget plan will be extended to an eight-month plan, as we managed to come in significantly under budget.
  • All Q1 payments have now been completed, including’s final installment for the website that was sent out earlier today. It’s worth noting that the reason for the delay in Solidity’s final payment was a discrepancy on the original contract, which showed my name instead of our DAO LLC entity. Since then, Solidity has provided the GWG with updated invoices and indicated that their lawyer has sent over a revised contract to our lawyer, as per our request. Unfortunately, our lawyer has been out of the country and difficult to reach. Keeping all of this in mind, Solidity has maintained constant communication throughout the process, and I am confident that this document has been delivered. It’s also worth noting that now that the payment has been sent, our DNS will be updated properly as currently, we are only forwarding to the Solidity-built/hosted site.

Also, here’s a fun new @LOR3LORD video breaking down more of what we accomplished with AIP-317. We will be looking to spotlight it in the coming days on Twitter:

And just in case you were curious to keep up-to-date with our spending, take a look here:


It’s inspiring to see the dedication and effort put forth by the Governance Working Group (GWG) to broaden its scope and deliver more value to the ApeCoin DAO community :heart:


We workin fam :muscle: :muscle:



Happy to say that our cycle-end financial totals have now been applied to this report in the Financial Spreadsheet & Remaining Funds.

Feel free to drop any questions that you might have below.


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