GWG AIP-317 Budget Impact & Transparency Report

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Our Process

While it’s not mandatory, we strongly advocate for Stewards to adopt a proactive approach when it comes to drafting AIPs outside of their expected budgets. Furthermore, the GWG is actively seeking out community members to collaborate with and help bring their visions to life.

This commitment extends to spending significant time in our Discourse forum, absorbing community feedback, and contributing to meaningful conversations. In a remarkably short span, BigBull has achieved the extraordinary feat of reading through every post on and initiated nearly 40 topics.

Throughout the active phase of AIP-317, we’ve collectively crafted several formal proposals, each designed to address specific aspects of ApeCoin DAOs evolution. Some were written collectively, and some were written independently, but as a team, we trust one another’s judgement and know that together, we will be able to take these ideas and turn them into something great.

Additionally, a multitude of great idea threads have been generated, providing invaluable insights and data designed to be included in the development of future proposals.




Discourse Facilitators

It is important to note that the Facilitation team operates extensively within the Discourse protocol, collaborating closely with various teams under the ApeCoin DAO umbrella on a daily basis. Due to this deep involvement, many changes they implement may not necessarily require the creation of an AIP, and potentially fly under the radar for those who don’t often visit our forum.

Therefore, we highly recommend reviewing them here.


Crypto Logically:

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Relevant Quarterly Reports

Q4 2023: Q4-FINAL-2.pdf - Google Drive

Q3 2023: Q3-FINAL-2.pdf - Google Drive

Financial Spreadsheet & Remaining Funds

The GWG has concluded that a surplus of $44,455.42 + two reimbursements of 6451.189 APE (to be repaid by the Metaverse and MarComms Working Groups once they have received their respective budgets) remained after our AIP-317 budget cycle closed.

Any excess funds are now being used for continued regular operations without the need to adjust any of our overarching scopes, anticipating that our (then) six-month budget cycle will be extended to eight. Anything left over once AIP-408: Q2/Q3 2024 Governance Working Group has been approved, and funding released will be reported and rolled into 408 as discretionary funding.

Please note that the equivalent of $27,000.00 USD of the above total, has been allocated to a Steward who is currently unable to receive funding.

For clickable links, please use the link below:
AIP-317 Multisig Transactions - Google Sheets

Moving forward we look forward to providing far more timely financials on transparency reports moving forward and have a new system in place that will be unveiled in the coming days by our new Secretary.

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It’s important to highlight that the shift from to has affected the reference point for some OKRs. However, it’s crucial to note that all possible targets have been successfully achieved, with website-related objectives implemented on the website.

Therefore, we have removed any reference and replaced it with clickable references for your viewing ease. Additionally, I’ve condensed some of the original wording to keep messaging concise and eliminate redundancies while keeping the objectives and key results true to their intent.

For expanded wording, refer to AIP-317.

1. Publish Technical & Governance Documents on Gitbook

:white_check_mark: By February 28th develop and publish governance documents on Gitbook

:white_check_mark: Host documentation on

:white_check_mark: Include a prominently positioned link to the Gitbook page on with the objective of increasing traffic by 80%

2. Launch Governance & Community Participation Dashboard

:white_check_mark: Design a dynamic Snapshot-enabled dashboard that showcases real-time community (voting) participation metrics

:white_check_mark: Deploy and host on

:white_check_mark: Integrate a clearly visible link to the dashboard on

3. Launch Community Governance Improvement Program

:white_check_mark: Develop and formalize detailed policies and procedures for the efficient submission, categorization and review of community suggestions

:white_check_mark: Outline and publicize a comprehensive incentive structure for accepted submissions

:white_check_mark: Design a clear and effective pathway for the implementation of vetted and tested submissions, with the goal of assessing at least 10 community-led improvements by February 28th.

4. Economic Sustainability & Compliance Study

:white_check_mark: Publish a request for proposal (RFP) and communicate with third-party research firms to initiate a detailed study to present actionable insights for the ApeCoin DAO community

:white_check_mark: Assess diverse on-chain structures that resonate with ApeCoin’s guiding values while promoting a non-custodial environment with the goal of shortlisting three suitable structures to explore

:white_check_mark: Provide a comprehensive compliance and regulatory analysis for each shortlisted structure. This should lead to a final report before February 28th

5. Optimize the ApeCoin Website

:white_check_mark: Key Result 1: By November 15th, begin work on the website with

:white_check_mark: Key Result 2: Revitalize the ApeCoin website by February 28th, prioritizing design, enhanced user experience, and clear tab visibility to foster more interaction

:gear: Key Result 3: Provide the ApeCoin DAO community with a comprehensive qualitative and quantitative website traffic and performance report within three months from launch

6. Establish the Global Community Committee

:white_check_mark: Establish a formidable Global Community Committee

:white_check_mark: Implement a revolving seat mechanism to ensure that we are promoting diverse representation

:white_check_mark: Schedule and conduct monthly meetings

7. Facilitate November 2023 Special Council Elections

:white_check_mark: Publish nomination announcement

:white_check_mark: Publish Special Council nomination profiles on Discourse, on November 22nd, 2023

:white_check_mark: Facilitate the community vote period from December 7th until December 21st

8. Facilitate November 2023 Working Group Steward Elections

:white_check_mark: Publish nomination announcement on November 1st, 2023.

:white_check_mark: Publish Governance Working Group Steward nomination profiles on Discourse, on November 22nd, 2023.

:white_check_mark: Facilitate the community vote period from December 7th until December 21st

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AIP-317 Closing Remarks

AIP-317 and its associated initiatives marked a significant milestone for ApeCoin DAO, initiating a transformative phase for the Working Group structure with a clear objective to enhance value for the ApeCoin DAO community and establish an effective Working Group model. This involved diverse efforts, from establishing nonprofit legal structures to implementing transparency initiatives through a new website and Gitbook platform. We developed real-time dashboards to break down DAO governance metrics, facilitated Special Council and Working Group elections, host monthly think tanks with delegate leads and provide micro-grant opportunities for governance-focused improvement ideas. We’re also dedicated to economic and treasury sustainability, having engaged a third-party firm to present us with options for a more sustainable path forward with an intention to implement these measures in the near future.

Facilitators have effectively reduced AIP processing times, resulting in a total of 86 AIPs spending an average of 16.57 days in the draft stage ahead of administrative review during this cycle. Furthermore, their focus on implementation updates has become crucial, with continuous reporting on the status of approved AIPs. The Secretary’s scope has also grown significantly.

But all of this doesn’t come easy, and those initiatives combined with our mandated day-to-day duties contribute to an extensive amount of dedication. Furthermore, the period between December 2023 and January 2024 witnessed substantial changes in the Governance Working Group Steward team. Departures, additions, and resignations during this time led to a notable 33% reduction in person-power to get all of this done, illustrating the complexities inherent in fulfilling the role of a GWG Steward.

In closing, the significance of having a strong team around you cannot be overstated to achieve success. Fortunately for us, our team of six dedicated core members is able to take on a lot. Yet, with our upcoming budget’s broader scope and ambitious goals, the necessity for a third Steward is becoming increasingly evident as the workload continues to increase. Furthermore, with plans to introduce an array of expert-level service providers tailored to fullfil our specific needs, the ApeCoin DAO community is assured to get the absolute most out of us.

Next Budget Cycle

Looking ahead to our next budget, which involves big plans with major impacts, our primary objective will be to strengthen ApeCoin DAO from the ground up. We will grow the ApeCoin DAO ecosystem through a variety of cross-community efforts, including custom programs, delegate incentives and teaming up with major brands to bring their corporate-level training and education resources to ApeCoin.

Stay tuned fam, gonna be a big year.

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