ApeCoin Community on X

Unofficial ApeCoin Community on X

Finding info on X about ApeCoin is all over the place.

Unofficial ApeCoin Community on X

There wasn’t a dedicated Community X function used before by ApeCoin Fam. Nice to make it easier to find posts on X related to ApeCoin. Once your invite is accepted you can invite 5 friends. LFG!



Nice one I’d definitely love to be a part of this💯


That’s cool I will check it out


Thanks I just requested to join :slightly_smiling_face:

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FYI for everyone who may have been following our ApeCoinGWG account, we got decimated by automated [ApeCoin] trademark issues on Twitter and then only days later, the apecoingwg domain [which we had originally built our website on with a variety of subdomains linking out].

Here’s some advice:

  1. Don’t risk it. If something feels like it may be viewed as infringement, air on the side of cautious before investing in it, even if you have consent from the brand
  2. Both locks came immediately following additional services being added to them. For Twitter, it was after adding a premium package. For the domain, it happened after adding a protection plan. Worth noting that I was actually advised by the registrar that the flag could be lifted once that additional service has been removed. The problem there is that a) my entire account is locked for a few days because of this, so I can’t make changes even if I wanted to and b) we want protection

This was actually the primary reason we chose not to make our budget deliverables public right away, because all of the completed work related to website OKRs were built on top of apecoingwg.

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