Suggestion Box - Coordination

(this topic is dedicated to submitting suggestions on how to improve coordination across the ApeCoin forum and extended platforms)


I suggest creating a topic just for holders to introduce themselves, to leave a social network like Twitter for all other holders to follow (strengthening the community through interaction between members).

It would also be interesting for them to talk about what they expect from the project for the future, inspirations and others.


A forum is great for the archival of high effort posts and ideas. Forums can easily be cluttered with low-effort posts and might discourage people from communicating as regularly. It would be great if there was a discord channel specifically for Apecoin.


Well, there are extended communities here holders of $APE and different related NFT brands too that we need to always consider. We should prioritize this.

We want them here and active in the space as well. I’d like to see weekly threads. Questions to ask. I’ve got an idea of how I’d like to see it.

Week long topics where we ask questions and post prompts for people to respond to:

-Questions for Apes
-Questions for Punks
-Questions for WOW
-Questions for $APE holders

In these we can ask daily questions to increase our engagement across the platform. And it serves as a way to bring these different interests together and a reason to check in. That’s my suggestion for the box!


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