Powered By ApeCoin?

What does Powered By ApeCoin mean to you?

What do you consider to be a Powered By ApeCoin project?

Would you support a project that is Powered By ApeCoin (other than Yuga games)?

Would you buy a product or use a service that accepts payment in ApeCoin?

Are you willing to spend your ApeCoin on anything other than Yuga games or BAYC merch?

Think about those questions for a minute. Answer them in the comments if you feel so inclined.

I’ve noticed that not too many people are willing to part ways with their ApeCoin. Most see it as an investment and just want to hodl and watch “number go up”.

This means that projects or businesses adopting and integrating $APE as a payment method will get little support from the direct community, and doing so may hinder their sales volume and growth as it creates extra friction for normies.

How about we all get together to support these businesses that actually adopt ApeCoin as a payment method by buying their products and using their services. If we won’t do it then who will?

Also if the businesses don’t have any revenue because nobody wants to spend their ApeCoin, and people keep asking them how to pay with fiat instead, they will simply stop accepting ApeCoin as it is just hurting their business.

Lets make a list of businesses that are Powered By ApeCoin.

If you or anyone you know has integrated and accepts $APE as a payment method post them in the comments or reach out to them and have them come here and post their business in the comments.

Let’s spend some of that hard earned $APE. Let’s put it to use and get it circulating. Mint something, buy something, hire someone LFG $APE!


Can you put your MBA link so we can be safe and verify your project which accept APE as payment.

Also what is your contract address for that payment?

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You bring up some valid points. Part of the friction for me personally is that most of my $APE is staked. I am one of those people that originally asked you if we could check out with something other than $APE because of this.

For your Twisted Apes drink, I actually went and purchased more $APE in order to mint your NFT for the tangible product claiming. I then realized you had a CC option, so I opted to use that instead. Then staked the $APE I purchased. I admit, I wasn’t clear on it being a mint versus a straight product purchase at first. Once you clarified that, I decided to acquire more $APE to support you.

Our site, Boring Merch (MBA #00100 for those that want to verify), accepts CC, DB, $APE and other crypto. I even made this nifty little graphic:


I personally think that offering multiple checkout options is key to avoiding alienating any potential customers.

In a perfect world, I’d love to only accept $APE and have a massive customer base that supports in this manner. Of the customers we’ve had, only 1 has checked out with $APE :eyes:

We had a discussion before about the lack of support from community, which is a factor in this as well and maybe deserves some more discussion.


Sure. We should literally turn this into a shill thread. All Powered By ApeCoin products in the comments for everyone to see and support if they want to.

Thank you, I appreciate that. Welcome to the club within the club.

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Twisted Ape is Made By Apes License #00097

Twisted Ape Spirits Club
is a club within the club
There’s a one-time membership fee of 69 $APE
And it’s limited to 1000 members
The Twisted Ape Treasure Chest is a FREE claim for members-only.
Learn More at TwistedApe.xyz



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