Best Project/Program Management Tool(s)?

I have been looking at the options from traditional established players such as Slack or Teams to more web3 software. If community members have experience using some of the tools/platforms below, make a comment with feedback.


  1. Discord - calls, townhalls, chat, content distribution, file transfer
  2. Notion - program management, project management
  3. Slack
  4. Dework - web3 tool
  5. JIRA - Jira | Issue & Project Tracking Software | Atlassian
  6. Discourse - the current forum

Communication only
7. Zoom - voice call, video calls.
8. Google Meet - voice call, video calls.
9. Telegram - voice call, video calls. Also content distribution.
10. Signal - voice call, video calls.
11. Teams
12. WhatsApp business


  1. Discord
  2. Telegram (encrypted)

Working docs

  1. Google Docs
  2. Email


  1. Calendly
  2. Notion just released a desktop software for calendar. Works well integrates with google which can integrate with Calendly.


  1. Coordinape - web3 tool - pay contributors


  1. Gnosis/Safe - web3 tool
  2. Liquidity Pools - web3 tool
  3. Actual 3rd party invesments (0ther tools or contracts)

Social Media

  1. Twitter
  2. Tiktok
  3. Instagram
  4. Discourse

3rd party media

  1. AppComms
  2. BoredGazette
  3. TBC

“Needs further research.”
2. Wecom - Wechat Work
4. Trello
5. DingTalk

We will get a matrix together as this is just a simple view.
Also specific tools for DAOs, many are listed here:



Not recommend on:

  1. Teams
  2. Wecom - Wechat Work
  3. asana
  4. Trello

-Mr. Hype :fire:

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Many of the options listed are for communication, not project management. Can you clarify what you’re looking for?

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Thinking of a few things to solve.

  1. Overall management in GWG.
  2. Tools to pay contributors integrated with web3.
  3. Ways to communicate with community partners.

For 1 we could see what deal we can get with them as ApeCoin.

For 2 looking at specific web3 tools to solve problems like above, but with all we could discuss them becoming partners of the Dao.

For 3 looking at ways to spread the updates and content to 50 communities. For example like pushing content via channels in discord.

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Ok, I’d really encourage you to more articulately define what you’re looking for the tool to help you accomplish, especially when it comes to project management. You’ve listed a variety of tools with a variety of different strengths and weaknesses. Without having a more defined desire than overall project management, real recommendations cannot be given.

Also as a heads up, many (if not all) of the web 2 giant companies you listed are not going to accept $APE. I wouldn’t worry about web 2 vs. web 3 offerings, I think it’s a distraction. Think about your goals and then pick the best tool to accomplish those goals.

  1. Slack

Industry standard chat messaging program which also has voice calls integrated. If you work at a major tech company that isn’t Microsoft, you probably use Slack. Robust search and channel capabilities.

  1. Teams

Microsoft’s version of Zoom. I’ve vary rarely used Teams, but if you’re looking for video conferencing, I’d suggest using Zoom. It’s industry standard, and everyone I’ve talked to that’s switched from Teams to Zoom has been super happy.

  1. Notion

Think of this as a Wikipedia for your business / project. It also offers project management via what seems like a Kanban style board. I haven’t used Notion extensively, but those I know who have used it have liked it.

  1. Monday

Never used it or heard of it.

  1. Wecom - Wechat Work

Never used it, likely larger in Asia than the US.


Kanban style project management. Easy UI, but it will lack the power of something like Jira.

  1. JIRA - Jira | Issue & Project Tracking Software | Atlassian

Industry standard project management. I usually describe this as built by engineers for engineers. It’s not easy to use at or near it’s full potential, but it can do everything. Excellent for epic planning as well as tracking dependencies. Also offers the ability to track your projects via a Kanban style view (which is quite exclusively how I use it for tracking my own work.) Exceedingly powerful yet overwhelming.

  1. Discord server

Not a serious option for business use.

  1. DingTalk

No idea what this is.

  1. WhatsApp business

Never used it, probably bigger in Asia.

  1. Discourse - the current forum

Not suitable for business use, IMO.

  1. Trello

See my notes on Asana. Basically the same. Easy to use, not as powerful as Jira.

You didn’t mention Zoom, but as mentioned above, it’s industry standard for video conferencing, and by far the best that I’ve used. It also offers more robust chat features now, but I’d still suggest Slack for that.


I have used quite a few of these platforms/software. I choose not to mention, so not to sway the feedback I got.

FYI. Slack and notion are already used by GWG.

Zoom of course I have used, just forgot to add it, I even have a paid account.

FYI Dingtalk is from Alibaba more China focused and competitor to wecom.

I am going to put a matrix together for this.

I also have used Jira (had my own server running) but I agree the learning curve is steep. Also has some CRM features.

I will update my initial post with the feedback people post.

If your goal is to avoid bias, I would remove the “not considered” category. For example, Asana and Trello are both excellent Kanban style management tools. Unsure why they wouldn’t be considered. But, as previously mentioned, without more context as to exactly what your needs are, it’s hard to weigh them against something like JIRA. I assume JIRA would be extreme overkill for what you’re up to, and Asana or Trello would be superior, but I can only guess.


@mattborchert “not considered”, I only added just now btw. However, I agree JIRA is probably too much for what we are likely to need.

I have used Trello before, found it ok, but not that great. Asana never used it, just put there based on feedback from @MisterHype

Notion and Slack are recently setup and we are using now. There is much that Notion and its abundance of templates can help with overall Program Management efficiencies.

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This is interesting, just jumping in here, I would like to see the metrics of what the media 3rd party media folks have. Also who would be running the social media tho? I think reddit should be included in here as well as Medium.
Also what does " Not Considered" here means? Asana is a really good project management tool, better than Slack.
Would love to help you guys create a JD for few of these requirements, dont forget the SEO.

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I will update the “not considered” to “needs further research.”


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