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For the last few months, most of the conversations around working group suggestions has been driven by voice calls & twitter spaces. They’ve been ongoing, multiple times each week, for the entire period. I’m curious to get a feel on how others feel about this process. Soon, WG0 will send it’s WG suggestion to snapshot. How does everybody feel about it? Have you engaged with the build process and enjoyed it?


I had no idea these are happening and I have ApeCoin twitter notifs turned on. Rugged by Elon. Or maybe I have too many notifs turned on.

My one suggestion would be to post all summaries / minutes of each discussion back to here. This way all can keep up offline. And after all meetings are done, perhaps make a final post with all latest decisions/thoughts to allow for final comments. Just thinking out loud…

It’s good to host spaces as a flex way for convenience/speed, but many can’t join spaces b/c a) they take a long time b) time zones c) conflicts d) Elon rug. Making information accessible offline is the only way to ensure accessibility.


Hi, Sasha. BORED AIP was passed, which formed the temporary WG0 group, and created a discord where these events were circulated, and they continue to be ongoing. They were tasked with performing an RFP for the administrators, and then afterwards, the group was to gather consensus & make a suggestion for working groups as proposal(s) to be evaluated by token holders.

It’s not easy to follow everything. I like governance a lot, but still found that 3-5 spaces a week was difficult to keep up with. Having said that, they’ve built a comprehensive proposal, and accepted suggestions through google docs & also live on twitter / discord calls along the way. In some cases i could see how it would be worth keeping and posting minutes, while some were casual conversations.

There were several times where I wished I could’ve posted some comments after the meetings. I think that’s a great idea to incorporate. It would’ve been great to have had that along the way!

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Agree it’s hard to keep up. Brevity is a virtue, 100%, so if there are no minutes of interest, no need to post imho. And whatever is posted should be as short as possible and to the point. We’re here to do work, not write poetry.

Just listened to the latest Spaces, looking forward to seeing the final doc/proposal!

Not sure how I feel about 6 month budgets, maybe more of “above this $$ must request more from special council”. WG should feel neither any pressure to spend nor be limited if great proposals come in. Should be more of “up until this amount you have autonomy.”


I’m in agreement. I consider myself pretty well-informed with the DAO’s activities, but I do refer to Discourse for my official intel and interact with this platform more than any other. I understand that 3-5 Spaces per week plus Discord is also happening, but with my present schedule of 40+ hrs/week at work I feel challenged to be able to step fully and participate completely. I’m sure others feel the same way, and I’m now looking to pivot toward creating more streamlined ways for those with less spare time to commit to our DAO while staying up to speed and involved.


Pertinent info to AIP’s or the DAO should be centralized here. The format is simple, relatively permanent, easy to consider and navigate at one’s own pace or respond to at any time.

Finding crucial info scattered across the internet, esp. on chaotic (or out of DAO’s control) options like Discord and Twitter is the definition of inefficiency and totally unwelcoming to newbies or anyone prone to overwhelm.

Those who are skilled, capable, and living a full work/personal life yet could contribute tremendously in an efficient organized system are basically shut out.

In fact it’s exactly the method you’d choose if you wanted to keep people constantly in confusion, frustrated or out of the loop and unlikely to step up to fill roles or challenge those in authority.

It’s like DAO Pokemon at warp speed, and yet another reason why elections are a terrible way to fill roles as it just adds extra content, chaos and friction for no net benefit to the overall community.

Thanks for bringing this up.


Should AIPs have a “discussion summary” appendix, then?

Since they can only be edited 3 times by the author (or first 24 hours, not sure), and there can be 100 replies, it seems good to have a brief summary that authors can keep up to date, this can include FAQ and also current “final” thoughts.

This would need to be a website modification, I believe.

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Hi Sasha,

I’m one of the Stewards for WG0. Glad you got a chance to listen to the latest Spaces! Our proposal is actually up on Discourse rn, and we’re still looking for community feedback. We’d love if you and anyone else who may not have seen the latest version yet could take a look and share your thoughts!
Working Group Guidelines & The Governance Working Group Charter

While we were holding quite a few weekly Twitter Spaces and Discord Workshops in order to be as transparent as possible on how we thought through things and as another way to get input from the community, in hindsight, it was hard for people to keep up with.

During those spaces and workshops, we referred people to our AIP idea here on Discourse and a google doc that we had linked to it for everyone to provide their input along the way. Amplify has kept a changelog in the first comment, so the community can easily see what changes have been made after feedback.

Appreciate everyone’s feedback and perspectives here! Thanks for sharing!


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