ApeCoin DAO to form 4-5 Executive Working Groups

ApeCoin DAO with 44 Special Council candidates to form 4-5 working groups with 6-7 individuals in each executive working groups and write AIPs with funding request.

I was glad to chat with Todd, and he has successfully formed the ApeComms Executive Working Group. I attended their twitter meeting yesterday, and ApeComms can definitely help out other executive groups in AIP process. ApeComms is very supportive and active for helping all ApeCoin community members.

I have read all the candidates profiles, and we have well diverse background of candidates with expertise knowledge in their fields including Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Operations Management, Strategic Planning, Communications, and DAO Governance!!

This proposal sounds like out of my MBA school final project 25 years ago. It is a great honor for me to be part of the ApeCoin community contributors, Ken


I agree that there is a lot of talent in the pool of Nominees and that it would be a great starting point for forming working groups in the future.


Forming effective executive working groups might take a year or two before each group knows their goal and how to evaluate their own performance.

ApeCoin Foundation can take a leading role as how these executive working groups should be formed, developed and implemented while ApeCoin DAO is transitioning to fully decentralized by using smart contracts on blockchain for decision making process with greater transparency and accountability on behalf of all the $APE stakeholders.


Let’s not forget the people who didn’t want to run for SC. There’s reasons for that, and they can help too!


Glad you mentioned it. LOL :slight_smile: :star:

Would be great if we could get enough support from ApeCoin community members and the ApeCoin Foundation. To successfully create these 6-7 executive working groups under the ApeCoin DAO with accountability and transparency, that would be awesome! ApeCoin will be the first fully decentralized DAO model for others to follow.


Who should elect those help groups? how long the groups would stay?

Every month election?

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Oh good lord no! Please no :grimacing:


Exactly. just go meat folks , don’y create the silo like some say.

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We can approach to form these 6 executive working groups as a volunteer work basis initially. 3 elected Special Council members take the leadership role to form 2 of each executive working groups, so that we have 6 executive working groups:

  1. Accounting / Finance
  • Managing account payable and receivable
  • Managing Budget and Cost Control
  • Managing Treasury Fund
  1. Marketing
  • Create partnerships with luxury brands retailers
  • Managing Branding / Promoting ApeMarketplace
  • Co-marketing with Yuga Lab / Otherside / etc
  1. Operations
  • Managing / implementing Smart Contracts for ApeCoin DAO decentralization
  • Maintenning ApeMarketplace
  • Managing and maintaining infrastructure (Discord server etc)
  1. ApeComm ( Todd/Halina/Amplify/etc)
  • Managing Social Media / Twitter etc
  • Arranging Conference / Managing PR
  1. DAO Law
  • Oversight DAO contracts
  • Managing Regulations & Compliance
  1. Leadership
  • interface with Cartan Group Leadership Team
  • Set goals and objectives with ApeCoin Foundation
  • Provide policy with direction to the Executive Working Groups

Based on MIT research and studies, Executive Working Groups are most effective when we have 6-7 persons working together.

This is a draft version, all ApeCoin members are welcome to add and modify.

Special Council Candidate
Ken Forest

  1. For this people need to be vetted and elected by DAO. No access to any documents without it.
  2. Same: election, vetted, no conflict of interests too, not close to any brands
  3. Vetted, elected constantly
  4. this missing some statement here: please expand
  5. same- vetted and elected constantly
  6. same, plus I don’t think they will be the ones helping at the end

Check my proposition that simplifies all of this before more elections


Hey @TheFatherOfAllStorms, thank you for your feedback. I agreed. :slight_smile:

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