Implementation Update | AIP-239: Working Group Guidelines & The Governance Working Group Charter

AIP Name: AIP-239: Working Group Guidelines & The Governance Working Group Charter

Implementation Status: Complete

Author: @Amplify

Abstract Summary: The goal of this AIP is to operationalize the ApeCoin DAO through autonomous Working Groups, beginning with the Governance Working Group which will allow our community to continue the DAO approved governance process which allows for the suggestion, discussion, voting and implementation of proposals. This will empower members of the DAO to make meaningful contributions and participate in facilitating governance operations, in order to further decentralize key functions of the DAO. Working Groups enable a sustainable infrastructure which will allow the DAO to operate efficiently while adapting to any challenges.

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Links to other Working Group Charters:

  1. Treasury: Working Group Charter - Treasury
  • The Treasury Working Group’s Mandate is to: “Explore legal and governance structures that would enable the DAO to sustain operations and Initiatives in perpetuity. The Treasury Working Group would also oversee a portion of the ApeCoin DAO’s assets, exploring ways to deploy them thoughtfully on-chain while promoting a non-custodial environment.”
  1. Metaverse: Working Group Charter - Metaverse
  • The Metaverse Working Group’s Mandate is to: “Drive culture forward into the metaverse by actively supporting metaverse-related efforts within the ApeCoin DAO.”
  1. Marketing and Communications: Working Group Charter - Marketing & Communications
  • The Marketing and Communications Working Group’s Mandate is to: “Create a consistent and compelling brand strategy and identity for the ApeCoin DAO, develop and implement comprehensive marketing and communications strategies, and establish a strong presence through effective global communication efforts in order to onboard more users into the DAO.”

Overall Cost: $180,000

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