AIP-245: Working Group Charter - Metaverse

Working Group Charter - Metaverse

Proposal Category: Process Proposal

Authors: @Badteeth, @Waabam & WG0 Stewards: @adventurousape, @Amplify, @Halina.eth, @Lost, @Vulkan

Working Group Zero (WG0) is the working group mandated with proposing Working Group guidelines and transitioning DAO operations into the hands of the community.


The goal of this proposal is to establish the ApeCoin DAO Metaverse Working Group. The Metaverse Working Group’s mandate is to: “Drive culture forward into the metaverse by actively supporting metaverse-related efforts within the ApeCoin DAO.”

Working Groups enable a sustainable community-led infrastructure that further decentralizes the DAO, creates operational efficiency, and is flexible enough to adapt to any opportunities that may arise. The guidelines for how this Working Group will function are proposed in AIP-239.


With the advent of ApeCoin DAO’s new Working Group structure we’re excited to propose a home for creators, builders, and developers to gather to support the vision of the DAO and champion, “community-led initiatives that drive culture forward into the metaverse.”


We need a hub for anyone with interest or domain expertise to gather, share knowledge and ideas, collaborate on AIPs, and explore the incredible possibilities of the greater metaverse. The Metaverse Working Group will be the DAO’s hub to gather creators, builders, and developers on a regular basis and support community-led initiatives that help fulfill our charter.

Key Terms
  • Working Group Charter: A document published to the Discourse category relevant for each Working Group, which outlines a Working Group’s mandate, scope, and reporting requirements.

  • Funding Window: The final 15 days of February and August each calendar year in which Working Group Leads propose Working Group Budget Proposals.

  • Metaverse: As the technologies surrounding AR/VR, blockchain, 5G, AI, and virtual world experiences continue to evolve at a lightning pace there is no current single accepted definition of the metaverse. However with the Otherside powered by ApeCoin, a virtual world that is primed to be the most inclusive metaverse experience ever, the DAO has a unique opportunity to further define this term for the rest of the universe.

  • The term metaverse was coined in Neal Stephenson’s 1992 science fiction novel Snow Crash, where humans, as programmable avatars, interact with each other and software agents, in a three-dimensional virtual space that uses the metaphor of the real world. Stephenson used the term to describe a virtual reality-based successor to the internet.

  • However if we had to choose one definition, we might as well go with Herman Narula’s tweet thread that summed it up quite well:

1/10 In some quarters folks are simultaneously outraged by the possibility of the Metaverse while also openly unclear on what it is… It’s a curious phenomenon for something to be so triggering and worthy of some analysis…

2/10 First: We need a simple definition of a ‘Metaverse’: It is a network of connected experiences which provide fulfilment, develop social relationships or otherwise provide value to a community of users. Including but not limited to entertainment.

3/10 To be a ‘metaverse’ and not just a game these experiences must have in aggregate real consequences, with real ownership, the ability to transfer value or build investable businesses or create real cultural outputs. It is something you take part in, not something you consume.

  • Otherside: Otherside is a world-building platform that provides an exciting environment to play, create, compete, connect, and explore together. Initially, users will experience Otherside through a narrative gameplay experience (aka The Voyager’s Journey) co-developed by Yuga Labs and Improbable and based on the technology from M². In the future, we look forward to seeing what new experiences and games our community can create to expand the possibilities of the metaverse. The tools and utility of Otherside will be continually and iteratively shaped by the participation and needs of our community. In Phase 1, only Otherdeed holders (aka Voyagers ) and selected third-party developers will be able to participate and contribute to the first stages of the platform’s features and uses.


Mandate & Scope

This group is made up of creators and creatives from within the ApeCoin ecosystem. This is where we brainstorm to advance the vision of the ApeCoin DAO. It serves as both a landing pad for new creators and a launch pad for new Initiatives.

The Metaverse Working Group would be responsible for the following:

  • Supporting content creators and builders in the Otherside
  • Facilitating $APE adoption in metaverses beyond the Otherside
  • Providing regular updates to the DAO community on the group’s operations and its outcomes.

The three elected Stewards would be responsible for overseeing the Metaverse Working Group’s operations, including:

  • Ensuring that the group is acting in the best interest of the community.
  • Supporting community Initiatives which are within the scope of the Groups mandate
  • Overseeing the group’s budget and expenses.
  • Providing regular updates to the DAO community on the group’s operations and decisions.

OKRs to complete before August 2023 Funding Window:

  • Develop a strategy for the purchase and usage of DAO owned metaverse assets
  • Lay the groundwork to become a lead resource for ODK integrations (based on publicly available information)
  • Lay the groundwork for an E-Sports Initiative to explore professional metaverse gaming opportunities. (Does not include gambling)

Initiatives can come from every corner of Web3. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Outreach to projects and creators
  • Improbable Miniverse Dive Bar
  • Otherside content development
  • Uplifting content creators
  • Creating spaces for content creators and the community to come together
  • Metaverse gaming development
  • Championing art, media, culture
  • Championing data ownership and identity
Reporting Requirements
  • Monthly progress updates on Initiatives
  • Quarterly reports on ApeCoin DAO efforts and the greater metaverse landscape
Working Group Stewards

All three Stewards of the Metaverse Working Group will be elected by the Ape Assembly. The election process is outlined in AIP-239 in the Working Group Guidelines & Process section.

Metaverse Working Group Budget until August 2023 Funding Window

This AIP serves as an initial framework to establish this Working Group. The three elected Stewards will propose an initial budget 1-3 weeks after being onboarded.

–End of Charter–

Steps to Implement
  1. Approve the formation of a Metaverse Working Group with elected Stewards.
  2. Hold an election, on schedule and using the same procedures as the other WG elections, to elect three Stewards who will oversee this Groups’ operations.
  3. Establish a budget and set of guidelines for the Metaverse Working Group to follow.
  4. Engage the community to surface new ideas and contributions.
  5. Provide regular updates to the DAO community on the group’s operations and decisions.

The timeline for the implementation of this proposal is as follows:

  • 1-3 weeks: Proposal drafting, community feedback, voting.
  • Begins in May/June: Election of three Stewards.
  • 1-3 weeks after Stewards sign onboarding documents: Establishment of budget and guidelines.
  • Within 45 days of the Stewards onboarding: Metaverse Working Group begins operations.

Overall Cost


This AIP serves as an initial framework to establish this Working Group. The three elected Stewards will propose a budget 1-3 weeks after being onboarded.



4/24/23 - Updated Metaverse and Otherside Key Terms


Thanks for your work on putting this together @badteeth. A couple questions/points:

I’ve raised the idea of defining the term “metaverse” before, and was somewhat surprised to not see the word on the “Key Terms” section. Are we assuming readers already know what’s being referred to when we use the word “metaverse?”

This next point is perhaps nitpicky as I believe most of us Yuga-heads will understand, but is it conceivable that “Otherside” warrants a brief description, perhaps a spot in Key Terms? For my part, I would hope that any user would be able to open up this Charter, completely unfamiliar with the Yuga ecosystem, and not be discouraged or confused by our language.

I understand the need to keep things tight, so if this is for exclusively those with an inclination already toward the Metaverse, Otherside, etc. then forgive my nitpicking. However, if we want to present this to a broader audience, I’d hope they could pick up this Charter with no prior exposure to these concepts and at least have a basic grasp of this new territory we’re blazing with this Working Group.


As a creator, I’m excited for this one. Looking forward to hearing more and being able to jump in.


A key core component we need up and running asap. LFG


Agree on all points, will post updates over the week. Thank you!


Super excited to see what this group can accomplish together, can’t wait!


Hi @badteeth,

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If we do not hear from you within 48 hours after your topic closes, your topic will be moved straight to the AIP Draft process.

We look forward to hearing from you.



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I am personally a big fan of the dao supporting metaverse builders-- specifically Otherside development. I am hoping the results of this working group will be fruitful. :banana:


Really interested to see where the “metaverse” goes in the next few years. I am a gamer through and through and can’t wait to see Web2 and Web3 gaming intersect.

Excited for the conversations around this working group to start!


Interesting proposal @badteeth but I block on a detail. From a marketing point of view, shouldn’t we abandon for the moment the term “Metaverse”, which is much too divisive at the moment since the recent failure of FB META ?


FB doesn’t hold a patent on the term “Metaverse,” nor do they have any dominant influence over the popular perception of the term. But even if they did, what term do you propose? I’m all for constructive criticism, but only when there’s a proposed fix attached to it.


excited to see what you guys can accomplish together


Thank you Sera, really excited to see this one come to life!


Thanks @BojangleGuy!

The gaming and web3 intersection is a place that ApeCoin DAO is primed to explore and hope we can do it together in this WG and beyond


Meta’s failure is only more reason for the DAO to work together to meaningfully explore what the metaverse can be, created by those that build and participate in it, not those that are out to control it strictly for financial gain.


Thank you Toga! Nice Humankind :slight_smile:


I am a fan of this. Ummm What is the definition of Metaverse again?
No, but seriously, We have the top of the chain leaders of the DAO, and now need the working team to execute the DAO’s responsibilities to the community members.

Let’s GET IT, GROW it and DO THIS!