Just Joined the APE Assembly! Should the lights be turned off now or WE MOVE FORWARD!

GM Everyone :coffee:,

I earned Trust Level 2 on 07/24/2023 (4 Days Ago):

After some help from @swickie and @SeraStargirl I decided to join the APE Assembly (Will refer to it as “AA” below)

Yesterday I got help from Amplify on how to join the AA

Also yesterday I see that Amplify came up with this:

Good answer from SmartAPE in there:

But anyways…

What is the AA?

It’s purpose/responsibilities?

Looks like we must Elect Stewards for:

I know badteeth has a post going for the Metaverse Working Group:

And SmartAPE has started a list of people who are interested:

Has anyone started a post or list for the other 2?

We have started a discusiion on Discord, but I believe it is best if we move it here.
(@AnnieRawrz, @MocaChief, @Moca_Bond_007, @bigbull, and @Evil)

Anyways, let me put my suit on and here is what I believe needs to be done to move forward:

  • We need clear and EASY TO UNDERSTAND descriptions of what each of the 3 Working Groups mentioned above are.
    (I love SeraStargirl’s and Vulkan’s graphics when it comes to visuals explaining things)

  • Once descriptions are there. We need a list of fellow members who would be interested in becoming a part of each Working Group.

  • Then they will each need an application of some sort so that we can decide via vote who will serve what Position/Role

  • Then once this is done we continue to move forward from there and actually get this rolling…

Not sure how this works as I am new here, but taking the initiative anyways and we move from there!

This is how I have done most things in my life and things have worked out great so far!


(Also, English is my second language so excuse any grammar mistakes :wink: )


Reserved 1

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Reserved 2

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Reserved 3

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Need more people to sign up to this. The Ape Assembly snapshot. It only takes a minute to join.

Who can join? One of these to qualify:

  1. Once you are level 2 discourse or above (L2 and L3s)
  2. Have 50k APE or delegated 50K APE
  3. Voted on the main snapshot for at least 50% of proposals


There are 49 wallets signed up, but over 500 qualify.


Congrats, friend!

At this point, I think we have to wait and see if this AIP idea is going to be withdrawn or not. You should join that discussion because it involves the AA.

Regardless, that AIP doesn’t actually disolve the AA, it just knee-caps it in some regard. So, whatever you guys (I have no intentions of being active in it - I am just going to lurk) are doing can still continue I think. Though if that AIP goes through and passes, I don’t see what purpose the AA would serve.


Thank you for this @bigbull :handshake:

And I agree, we definitely need more people to be aware of this, for those who qualify to sign up, and for those who don’t qualify to make the effort to qualify like I did when I started here. :white_check_mark:

Hopefully we see more people take a step forward.


Thanks @SmartAPE! :clinking_glasses:

Will check it out and join now since it seems like that’s where the conversation is. :eyes:

Haha all good bro! Looks like the conversation is where you recommended I go.

Not deleting this, but will be moving to that conversation. :wink::v:

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The AA is like a focus group for various changes. And assuming it’s led by competent people, and is left completely autonomous, it can grow to become very effective. So, I think you should consider joining.

I decided to withdraw from active participation because I don’t believe that it can be truly autonomous as intended. And also because of all the chaos surrounding it atm. I have other reasons too, but those are the main ones.

Apes Assemble!

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