Announcing the $APE Assembly

GM ApeCoin!

After the passing of AIP-239: Working Group Guidelines and the Governance Working Group Charter, a new Initiative within the scope of the Governance Working Group has been created called the $APE Assembly.

The $APE Assembly was formed to facilitate Steward elections for all Working Groups except for Governance. This shrewdness also gathers to discuss and address some of the more conceptual Meta-Governance issues facing our DAO.

The criteria to join the $APE Assembly is below:

  • $APE holders who have achieved Trust Level Status 2 (Member) or higher on the ApeCoin DAO Forum; or
  • $APE holders who have voted on at least 50% of the AIPs that have gone to Snapshot; or
  • $APE holders with 50,000 APE or more in voting power and have voted on at least one AIP.

Participating in the Assembly

In order to participate in the $APE Assembly, members will need to link both their forum profile (this forum, or “Discourse”) and their Discord account to Karma. Karma is a DAO approved governance dashboard which enables a robust reputation system for governance contributors and delegates.

AIP-132 established a Karma dashboard and Discord bot for ApeCoin which was already being used to track contributors. Having this already approved infrastructure, made it an easy decision to integrate into the $APE Assembly.

Connecting to the Discord Karma bot allows it to check to see if you meet the voting power or participation criteria. Linking your forum account to Karma allows it to check to see if you meet the Trust Level 2 criteria. It then auto assigns or revokes the “Assembly” role in Discord every day. Having the Assembly role gives you access to the ape-assembly chat and voice channels.

Follow the instructions below to join the $APE Assembly:

Step 1: Go to and login using the same wallet you connect to the Forum with.

Step 2: Go to the “Handles” tab and follow the instructions to link your Forum (Discourse) account. (Linking your Twitter account is not necessary for participating in the Assembly.)

Step 3: Follow the instructions to link your Discord account. If you haven’t yet, join the ApeCoin DAO Discord here:

Step 4: $APE into the Assembly! We have a lot of self-organization to do!

Some Notes:

  • The Karma bot checks everyone for role criteria every day, if you don’t get the Assembly role immediately after connecting, just wait for 24 hours and check back before opening a #support-ticket

  • If you cannot link your discord easily, use the #off-topic channel to send the /karma linkaddress command. If you have any other questions or need help, please visit the FAQ page on Karma or open a #suport-ticket in Discord: Delegates of Apecoin DAO

  • If you are having troubling linking your Forum account to Karma, just give it about 10 minutes to recognize your post before opening a #support-ticket in Discord.

  • If you already have the Assembly role, congrats! Every week we sweep the discord mapping from Vulcan bot (the bot you used to verify you have 1 $APE) and assign the role. So if you don’t want to sign a transaction, just wait a week! (If you qualify with Trust Level 2 criteria, you still need to link your Forum account to Karma)

Next Steps for the $APE Assembly are coming in the ape-assembly channel in Discord. :saluting_face:

Thank you everyone, and I hope to see you all in there!



What a moment for the DAO. Months and months in the making.

Sending out thanks to all the folks who participated in WG0 to help get us to this point. It took dozens of discord voice calls, twitter spaces, zoom meetings, focus group meetings, and discourse and discord posts.

I’m very excited to see the $APE Assembly become a reality, and can’t wait to build it out with all of you :fist:


$APE Assembly finally a reality sheesh :sweat_smile:


Awesome! Although it’s currently a bit wonky trying to complete the steps :grimacing:


Sorry about that @8zal,

We’re still working on some optimizations to make the user experience better. :pray:



I highly encourage everyone to work to earn the qualifications to join the Assembly!! The first criteria of Trust Level 2 on the Forum takes about 15 days, and this will open up a great avenue for your voice to be heard within the DAO.


For anyone wondering what the Trust Level 2 requirements are you can check them out here.

See you guys there.

Apes Assemble!


It’s a great achievement we have made it this far in such a short period of time . Let’s work together and build a strong future for this DAO . Congratz to those who have made it into the Assembly :tada:


BULLISH… Will be circling back to Karma tonight to make sure I’m all set up. Nice job on this on DAO peeps. The future is near :boom: :boom:



Brick by brick, this DAO is turning into an entire ecosystem! Soon we will need our own Continental. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, my friend @Russell ! We’re building something special here, and with every brick we lay, we’re getting closer to the stars. Mars ain’t got nothing on us! Let’s keep pushing, keep growing, and keep reaching for the stars. LFG! :mechanical_arm: :mechanical_arm:


What is the Ape assembly?


Hello @ahm3cl,

I’ve included a drop down here where you can read more about it! For a high level overview and motivation / context surrounding it all, you can read AIPs-196 and 239. :slight_smile:

$APE Assembly

The Ape Assembly is an electorate of the most highly active governance participants within the ApeCoin ecosystem. The Ape Assembly is an Initiative to be established within the scope of the Governance Working Group, which will be tasked with facilitating elections for Working Group Stewards. Voting within the Ape Assembly will be on a one vote per person basis with required proof of personhood.

The Ape Assembly can be thought of as a legislative shrewdness of ApeCoin token holders who meet regularly to discuss DAO-wide issues and collectively write AIPs to address them. This group primarily focuses on governance, coordination and transparency within the DAO.

To ensure participants in the Ape Assembly have the necessary prior experience with ApeCoin governance, we propose that members of the Ape Assembly should maintain the same DAO approved eligibility criteria in Working Group Zero from AIP-196: BORED AIP , including proof of personhood:

  1. $APE holders who have achieved Trust Level Status 2 (Member) or higher on the ApeCoin DAO Discourse; or
  2. $APE holders who have voted on at least 50% of the AIPs that have gone to Snapshot; or
  3. $APE holders with 50,000 APE or more in voting power and have voted on at least one AIP.

At present, this criteria represents ~500 $APE holders, or wallets. After proof of personhood criteria we expect this number to be lower.

As an Initiative within the scope of the Governance Working Group, the Ape Assembly would be compelled to request a budget and any potential for compensation from the Governance Working Group. The Ape Assembly may approve budgets for several committees, which are expected to form within the DAO.

I hope this helps!



Oh, It’s to do with governance, Im amazed how Organised this whole DAO is. It all started with Monkey PNGs, Now there is an amazing meticulous bureaucracy behind it. Great work guys.


I think it’s important to mention it is not ofíciala Apecoin DAO discord because it is not an APECOIN dao Foundation platform and can NOT be due to be owned by other entity completely. Maybe we should not include APECOIN name in it because it was never approved to use by holders.

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Hello @TheFatherOfAllStorms,

This was included in the server description. It’s made clear that this is a community organized and led Discord server. It has no association with the APE Foundation, but is currently the largest and most active Discord server for the ApeCoin community. We can explore changing the name (again) if there is a strong desire to do so within the community. :slight_smile:



Perfect) yes this will be great! We do not want “LEGALLY” people feel Lured into non oficial Apecoin DAO platform or think that it’s a full representation. Happy to support and participate.

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I agree with snowflake on this, and the branding of the discord appears to portray itself as the official DAO discord with its new name. It is certainly one avenue for interacting with active DAO members and initiatives. Branding should be updated to reflect Ape Assembly in the name until such time as a true brand decision can be made by token holders. Thank you for your consideration.

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Same goes for spaces and personal name “tags” aka nicknames. We need some strong compliance on that and making sure we not used for self promo of non Apecoin dao related projects. Also goes for streaming videos - do not name it “Apecoin official discussion” or anything similar pretending to be a part of official forum here. We need to protect our integrity.

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