Implementation Update | AIP-245: Working Group Charter - Metaverse

AIP Name: AIP-245: Working Group Charter - Metaverse

Implementation Status: Pending

Author: @badteeth

Abstract Summary: The goal of this proposal is to establish the ApeCoin DAO Metaverse Working Group. The Metaverse Working Group’s mandate is to: “Drive culture forward into the metaverse by actively supporting metaverse-related efforts within the ApeCoin DAO.”

Working Groups enable a sustainable community-led infrastructure that further decentralizes the DAO, creates operational efficiency, and is flexible enough to adapt to any opportunities that may arise. The guidelines for how this Working Group will function are proposed in AIP-239.

Overall Cost: There is no cost associated with this AIP.

Related AIPs: AIP-239: Working Group Guidelines & The Governance Working Group Charter & AIP-196: BORED AIP: Bringing Order and Reliability via Ecosystem Decentralization

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