AIP Idea: The Boring Artists Agency: Bringing Billions of Dollars’ Worth of Game Dev and Publishing Talent to Web3 - Powered by ApeCoin

Here’s how I see this as someone who has a vast experience in this field…

The Metaverse Working Group is designed to do specifically what both of these game publishing ideas seek to do, but with far less risk and more control by the DAO. With three stewards in MWG, and which hopefully has someone (wink-wink) with experience in games dev & publishing, it can engage, review, sign up and fund various projects - most of which would have to be in some degree of development; ergo a vertical slice.

The MWG is setup to be autonomous. This allows it to be more flexible in how it operates. And it gives the DAO complete control over the projects so that we can plot the progress of the projects, the funding etc. If I am in that group, I would put up the same dev and publishing processes that determine things like project design, analysis, milestone based payments etc. Basically, a publishing arm of the DAO - which I believe will likely end up being part of a sister DAO (as per Yat’s AIP idea for his NFT vault) which would allow it to get project funding grants or loans directly from the main DAO, and also be able receive revenue via the signed projects.

And yes - every project that the MWG approves, will be required to use $APE currency.

The MWG being in control of the projects also means that it can sign a diverse set of digital projects over a specific time span. And it will be a lot cheaper and less risky than giving $20m to a third-party and hope they don’t rug the DAO.

And the MWG would also have its cheap CTO and bizdev experienced stewards who aren’t in it for the money, but for the prosperity of the DAO. And they are only paid $9K per month each. So, even with one person with this experience in the MWG, that’s only $108K per year.

With $20m in grant or loan from the main DAO, not only will the MWG have control of funding and projects, but the entire DAO would have access to everything related to the projects being funded. We already have a capable secretary in @Vulkan for data presentation and upkeep.

So no, the DAO doesn’t need to give any third-party $20m to do, basically the same thing it just setup an autonomous group to do.

Besides, as per the SC mandate, I would be surprised if either of these AIPs make it past admin review.

Proposals will not be considered/put up for a vote if they involve illegal activity, hate speech, pornographic material, or are at odds with the mission or values of the APE Foundation.”

So, arguably, these two AIPs are already in conflict with the MWG mission mandate of the DAO. If the MWG is going to fund any game project, it directly puts it in conflict with those external projects - which it has little or no control over. But that’s for the SC to decide if either AIP even goes into admin review.

Regardless of all the above, this AIP can’t be submitted for three months after Jonah’s submission.