June 2024 ApeCoin DAO Special Council & Working Group Elections

June 2024, ApeCoin DAO
Special Council & Working Group Elections
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Starting on May 1st, 2024 nominations will open for the following roles…

  • Special Council: 2 seats
  • Governance Working Group: 2 seats
  • Marketing and Communications Working Group: 1 seat
  • Metaverse Working Group: 1 seat
  • Web3 Development Working Group: 2 seats

Watch for a more detailed announcement in the coming weeks with more information on the elections, and nomination processes as a whole. Until then, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • A third-party firm conducts KYC, so Stewards will NOT have access to your information
  • The nomination phase will be open for 21 days, followed by a community discussion period for 14 days, and then voting will go live for 6-12 days
  • Up to two rounds of voting, based on the number of approved nominees


This is YOUR chance to influence our future, so if you think you’re the right fit or know someone else who is, engage in the nomination process or urge others to participate. And best of luck to everyone stepping up! We’re excited to see the future leaders of our community blossom!!
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Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of GOVERNANCE-6 copy


Good Luck everyone :fire:

Invite anyone who’s interesting to pitch themself to Mocaverse community to reach out to me or @G_is_us for our Mocaverse Monday Spaces.


-Mr. Hype :fire:


To be qualified = passing KYC.

Maybe better working would be “approved nominees” or “KYC passed”.

Maybe it’s just me but “qualified” suggest there’s some sort of educational/professional requirements etc. Personally I wish this was the case, but until we get to that point we should try to keep language unambiguous.


Reasonable. And adjusted.

:muscle: :muscle:



I’ve always wanted to know this. These are all full-time positions, correct? There is no option or possibility for part-time or reduced-time?


Part time, we’ve seen people leaving the positions in the middle of their term as well.


These are part time? It feels like these are full-time positions.


iirc there were lots of heated discussions everytime this was brought up, specially with Special Council and pay.
Also the positions are 6 months, and after that its a re-election. So spending a month pitching oneself and after that few more months to register everything and settling down and after that pitching a budget, these things have taken 3-4 month and by the time things looks clearly its election time for the position.

What do you think its part time or full time?


I assumed it to be a full time position. Talking and working with @allcity and @bigbull left me with the impression that they spend their time working for the DAO and didn’t have outside employment. I recall also talking to someone who was running this last election cycle who had discussed leaving his current job if they were elected, so that really cemented this understanding. I think there were a few other anecdotes here and there as well.

I could very much be wrong, and I’m also not here to start trouble.


In close relationships with individuals who share a passion for governance, collaborating with @bigbull the last months has been incredibly refreshing and productive. Our botb delegation has grown over 100k $ape in less than 3 weeks.

I’m eager to take these efforts to the next level. and would love to be a part of the progress, and this will be my first time participating in an ape election.

Also excited about the other governance initiatives being undertaken to grow the ApeCoin DAO.

However, I’m not fully informed about all the ins and outs of the application process. What would be the next step(s) to take @AllCityBAYC ?

My passion for advancing governance and development overall is something deeply meaningful to me :apecoin:


Love the initiative here and what BOTB has been contributing to ApeCoin fam!

Best advice for now would be to keep an eye on announcements like this one in here and in our Discord server for upcoming critical dates. Time goes by quick, so before you blick it’ll be time to get your nomination in.

Good luck!



You have been doing an amazing job building that up and helping test a model for Delegations that can be replicated to other communities.


To my understanding, there is zero mandatory requirement for full-time, part-time, nor what those definitions mean would even mean in terms of qty of hours per week, or side projects, other engagements, or simultaneous AIPs, etc.

Also to my understanding, each role is discretionary with its respective time commitments, and completely case-by-case, from person to person.

I ‘think’ the premise of part-time for Special Council roles commenced, for example, when Yat and Alexis were on SC, and no-one expected them to quit all their other commitments to be full-time on the DAO. However, then as new people came in with (and I say this with all due-respect to everyone implied) a respectfully lesser set of credentials than Yat/Alexis, it’s then that the full-time/part-time concept became a topic. One of the results was the lowering of SC wages by 50% last year from $250k down to $125k. However, to the best of my awareness, the topic of part-time/full-time has not been addressed in a formal manor.

From what I’ve observed, and this is simply my observation, regarding your comment re AllCity and BigBull, is that yes they appear to me to be either completely full-time, or equivalent, and imho, probably even more than full time. I have a lot of confidence and trust in their commitments and time management in that regard.

The SC role however seems to remain more of a part-time gig, at least in some respect, until or unless, I ‘think’, someone comes in voluntarily to state they are going full-time, or an AIP mandate of some sort changes things.

Personally, I’m of the opinion that if a person gets the job done, well, on-time, and on-budget, then part-time or full-time is irrelevant. I care about results, not micro.

I think it’s potentially a merit of future candidates to declare their intention of availability and commitment level, at least for transparency and accountability purposes.

Would love it if anyone can correct me or fill in the blanks on anything above :heart: :pray:


Good luck every candidates for election!


Goodluck to all nominees and kudos to the winners in advance, hoping to see you all serve the community unfailingly.


Good luck everyone
:muscle: :muscle: :muscle: