June 2024 ApeCoin DAO Special Council & Working Group Elections

Appreciate the nod here 'Chief… And given the fact that Working Groups are community funded, the community does deserve to know. Also, for anyone who is reading this, MC is not far off in terms of what a work week looks like for me.

No chance it would be less than 70hrs.



AC for GWG Lead and keep same momentum going :apekinyes:

Would be an absolute honour to build side by side with such great builders ! :pray:t2:


good idea, that will also really help

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yea… really upsetting… feels like they just want to pump some AIPs some, literally start posting them during elections and promo promo promo and some just want to gain followers. And some just give up when realising they just did the wrong ACTUAL JOB application and cant handle the pressure.

Done my part and waiting for the outcome . goodluck everyone

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