Suggestions for custom bots, tools, or technology resources for the community

I aim to create and maintain a custom bot, tool, or technology resource for the community. And what better way to go about it than getting suggestions from the community one is developing for. I’d appreciate all ideas. The development can also be a collaborative process as well if it needs to be. :heart:


This is a great step, we need all the competent, motivated builders we can get in this space.

Aside from the obvious heavy lift of having our own entire ApeCoin DAO app, I know many of us have expressed a strong desire for many of our various social outlets to be accessible via one common gateway (Snapshot, Discourse, Discord, Twitter, etc.). There are lots of conversations around ease-of-access for newcomers, as you’ll see in the many Ideas currently listed, so anything that condenses and eases the onboarding process to the DAO will help new users (with new ideas) more easily contribute.


I would definitely suggest you to talk with some other users that are creating or have already built something for the ApeCoin DAO, since sometimes it’s easier to help building an ongoing project than starting a brand new one, take a look at the AIP Idea-a-thon winners and maybe reach out to them to see if you can help with something!


Would be nice a ape translator bot for discourse for member that dont understand eng


Glad you mentioned this. Onboarding is a never ending topic we discuss here. Inspired by Fast DeFi Tutorial, I wish to do something similar for Apecoin, FastApecoinTutorial that will be a high level information about the DAO. All of the social channels will be there. I’d also like to highlight a few technology resources built by the community such as ApeTalent and others that have gone under the radar. I’ll also liaise with the community member building an onboarding tool to see if the task can be merged.


Totally. Lots of great ideas were generated during the Idea-a-thon. I was especially interested in Gerry’s idea. If he’s too busy I can take it off his hands :grinning:

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Loved that ideia, that would make the discourse more usuable for not english people,would make the discorse more worldride!!!


Agreed. I believe Discourse has a plug-in for this. It’s on the to-do list :grinning:


Wow great to hear that, that way we can reach more users from every part of the world!


Great to hear that, we need asap for wordride members!!!