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A pair of discussions with some DAO members regarding discordance of information across various social platforms had me thinking about ways in which to better inform and unite the flow of information to the ApeCoin community as a whole. Discourse is, of course, our official platform and should ideally be any user’s first stop. However, the ApeCoin Twitter account hosts weekly Spaces and shares unique information, and our WG0 Discord group posts regular updates and hosts discussions that may not be had here on Discourse (I realize the WG0 group may be pending “official” status with the looming AIP, but it bears mentioning).

While each platform has its unique role to play, users who check in strictly on Discourse may be missing some key updates, events, or discussions due to this segregation of info. What I propose is a couple things:

  • The Discourse “Events” tab under the “General” section has never been used, to my knowledge. Why not have Discourse Moderators (read: Discourse Community Facilitators, when the role is available) update this page as new official ApeCoin Twitter Spaces are announced, or any other relevant official ApeCoin events take place?
  • Under “Help & Resources” I propose we include a post that links all official ApeCoin channels that remains pinned to the top. Someone recently was unclear what the “Discord” was, for example, and only heard of it via passive user commentary.

This way, we create a recursive loop of concurrent, unified ApeCoin DAO-related information. It shouldn’t be difficult to stay current on the various activities of the DAO, and a few tweaks to Discourse’s structure could go a long way to bridge these gaps in communication.

(Note: some of these suggestions might fall under the purview of the proposed Marketing and Communications Working Group, so not trying to step on toes here, but in its absence this might be at least a simple, cost-free means of streamlining cross-platform communication.)


Agreed! It is difficult however, and there’s no clarity on what is “officially” part of an AIP (for voting consideration for example) or what’s just vote-buying unaccountable talk.

I support your idea. Thank for posting it.

However I much prefer a one-stop source of “official” info that doesn’t require a Pokemon-style chase across the Internet to sources the DAO doesn’t even fully own or control, though of course outreach can still be done wherever. Sometimes “centralization” is ideal; much more welcoming and manageable.

Plus a lot of people, especially newbies to Web3/crypto/NFT have a less than favorable view or experience with Discord and Twitter.


Oh trust me, I couldn’t agree more. If we could conduct any and every form of communication, event and update from within here in Discourse we would be all the better for it.

It’s just clear that there are capabilities we lack here, the main one being a “voice chat” function like Twitter Spaces or Discord. But there’s no clear path to implementing that here, and even if we did people use Twitter Spaces mainly out of convenience since they’re already on Twitter for other reasons. Hence the death of Clubhouse once Twitter went live with Spaces.

Again, I agree: if we could do everything from Discourse I would 100% prefer that. Just trying to brainstorm simple solutions that might help direct traffic where things are occurring in the moment. Really don’t like the idea of users missing out on content because they weren’t on Twitter or Discord at the right time.


I agree with both @CryptoLogically & @br00no but for the meantime it would be better to onboard the masses with a one stop source as mentioned by @br00no as it would be tough for those new members without experience to navigate all over the place to get their source of info. I believe once everything is in order and stable we will be able to migrate to a more professional system and user friendly manner


But that’s just my point. Where is that “one stop source?” I would love for it to be here on Discourse, but that’s not what we have right now, for the reasons I’ve outlined above.

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I believe currently we have to rely on Twitter and the WGO discord for the moment as they are some who are unaware of the discourse unless they follow Twitter closely and join WGO discord . Step by step slowly but surely. There will be bound to have hiccups along the road but I am sure things will work out smoothly soon

Hi @CryptoLogically!

I think this is a great idea! Right now information is scattered all over the place and having one place where we could point people to learn about what’s going on in different places and to catch up on what’s going on would be extremely helpful. I think it could be valuable to also have someone write up brief notes from relevant Spaces and Workshops as well, so if people don’t have the time to listen, they could get the tldr here.

I think it’d also be useful to have a library of basic educational materials about the DAO under Help & Resources and that if the proposed Marketing and Communications Working Group passes, that would be something they could provide. I’ve found that some people who become interested in the DAO through Twitter tend to find Discourse confusing and a bit overwhelming and there’s not really a good place to send them to learn about how things work.


I believe that website should be the crossroads of all informations.

Perhaps a section should be added as you suggest, but directly on the homepage.

Maybe call it: 1st visit ?

Also regarding events, add a category: latest news? as a blog?

As @adventurousape suggests, this could be one of the roles of the Working Group Zero Marketing/Communication team.


Heyo @CryptoLogically,

Is there a possibility of inviting the authors of already funded AIPs to help solve for this issue? Here are a few that come to mind:

  • AIP-91 was approved for $APE 23k to connect the Ape community and ApeCoin holders with a Linkedin/Upwork style website – they seem to have the devs

  • AIP-66 was approved at $APE 100 per month per author and I think 3 were selected:

  • AIP-70 was approved for $150k for one year with the following deliverables:

Even @CEOofWeb3.0 could integrate his A.C.T. ApeCoin Tracker to this endeavour, should he put up a new proposal or add to his existing AIP.

Anyway, these are not perfect fits but just some assets to consider, especially in-house assets so we’re not starting from scratch.

SSP :fist:t4:


Very nice. Much appreciated, thanks as always for the actionable feedback :handshake:

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I Agree with what you’ve put out here, This can be extended to encompass All city’s idea of creating a platform to get fellow AIP authors together so that they could benefit from close interactions. Explore synergies, build more robust and innovative systems, that kind of deal.

I’m open to experimenting with all kinds of stuff, only limiting factor being the free time I can dedicate to this.

This comment covers a lot of stuff which I was working on, some current stuff and some future plans, Most of the stuff I’ve already discussed with SSP.

AIP - 70 :

  1. I am working on Dynamic nfts which change according to our ecosystem’s price activity. I have figured out a way to do that for Apecoin, Bored and Mutant apes and am looking to get an MVP started if the infra costs aren’t that much without getting a gran from the DAO.
  • I suppose repurposing the for a live ticker wouldn’t be a problem
  1. We can import price data from data collection services and graph it up for displaying it on

  2. A small ticker would do that, maybe add in a web scrapper.

  3. I don’t necessarily think we need a standalone calendar, we should focus more on ensuring interoperability with existing apps. Like create and event timeline which anyone can then import on their device.

  • Or if you mean a calendar which acts as a reference, that’s cool (a static page initially)
  1. This looks like something similar to Rent an Ape, which was a place for fellow apes to exchange services for whatever. Unfortunately it got shelved cause of other projects.

Supply and demand baby, showcase your talent and get rewarded for it. Love it totes !!

Would love to help in any way. We all have the same endgame, even if the paths we take are wildly different.

Apart from that, pre eliminatory testing has begun on tracking the progress of funded AIPs aided by a friend of mine. As suggested by Sasha,

We’re both working on our free time and try to dedicate as much time as we can to this effort. That’s one of the reasons why progress almost ground to a halt for a while ( I’m a student with a job and he’s juggling work and his newborn).

We’re trying to make sure that doesn’t happen again and deliver the MVP on time ahead of the voting process.

When do you wanna see a trial run of Tracker bot, we’ve set that up. Now I’ve also mapped all the associated wallets with the treasury and the 400 million $ worth of unlisted funds excluding staked balances. Here’s the pdf

ApeCoin Treasury.pdf (77.1 KB)

lmm if you need my login details foe Arkham in the meantime to access this

Ooh Ooh Aah Aah,
Anky the Monki


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