Single point of reference to navigate the ApeCoin universe

gm all!

I am thoroughly enjoying diving down the rabbit (Ape) hole (omg not sure ape hole comes out in the same way!)

Is there a single point of reference to navigate the multitude of information, meeting/spaces timings, sub communities, Dapps and websites associated with ApeCoin DAO?

For example I know ApeComms are doing some great work, but to find them I went to Twitter and searched for them after reading about them on Discourse. I jumped onto a great twitter spaces yesterday because I happened to see it while on twitter. I love using Discourse and the live conversations work well, but to see the conclusions of these conversations seems to be a case of searching through the AIPs chat history.

It would be super useful to have a single point that can aid in finding the right places to go, like a public calendar of all calls, a depository of all the links that lead to useful information, for example where to find geographically defined Ape groups? Summaries of the AIPs implemented rather than digging through the discussion thread as another example.

If this exists please point me towards it, if it doesn’t I would love to help create it!



This certainly does not exist, would be super useful, maybe a simple database, maintained daily/hourly, bulk storage of info, links, communities, sub communities, etc etc, detailing what they do, who runs them, small breakdowns and people involved etc etc, breakdown of AIPs and who’s involved, with TLDRs, also spaces schedules and teams etc - this could be so comprehensive and think I make my point lol

Someone should do it fr, wink, wink! Would be a lot of work, and verification would be key imo, as this is ofc a big security risk if something was to slip through (maybe boring security could help with verifcation layers and protocols).


gm gm @Hangout and welcome to the forums.

Currently, digging through 10 months of activity in Discourse is the only way to truly get the historical understanding of the ApeCoin DAO (and not everyone does this).

ApeComms, as you’ve mentioned, is the only Working Group that exists to help onboard, educate and get members up to speed on AIPs and the ecosystem through DMs, Twitter Spaces, Discourse, etc.

There are the newsletters written by @Boredapegazette @RedVulkan @0xSword (news here).

And there are also several AIPs that offer a directory or repository of members and assets as part of their deliverables, but have yet to be published.

Onto you idea for a Single-Point of Reference:

Notwithstanding the work that WG0 will be doing on resetting the entire AIP process, my questions for you:

  • Why is this needed?

  • How do you imagine this looks (what platforms, services, tech)?

  • Wouldn’t newcomers still have to dig through a lot content even on this new portal?

Quick note:
I’ve always thought of as digging through Discourse as a way for newcomers to get educated, self-filter, and to show commitment. True, it’s not for everyone, and we definitely need better pathways, but if and when you do decide to build this, be mindful it doesn’t become just another layer in the system. Happy to be proved wrong :laughing:.

Thanks for getting engaged in the DAO.



I can answer this one, easily:

Not everyone has 8-12 hours a day plus to spend on TWITTER and DISCOURSE.


Then what are you even doing here?

Haha, just joking :laughing: - as I often say, “I left a 9-5 in Web2 to work 24/7 in Web3”.

Looking forward to getting @Hangout 's thoughts on this too.

Peace y’all



@ssp1111 great questions.
I think one of the key objectives is to get as much engagement as possible, so we have to reduce friction as much as possible. I agree reading through 10 months of activity would give a high level of detailed understanding, but the friction involved in doing so is great. The result is the vast majority of people will just not do so and so most DAO members just won’t have the understanding.

I think we can make the process to reach deep understanding easier.

ApeComms is brilliant, as are the newsletters. The fact is though that when I next want to find either of them I am most likely to come back to your post and use your very helpfully placed links! Being a little silly, but hopefully you can see what I am getting at!

Why is is needed - reduce friction to new members in order to increase the number of members who interact over the short to medium term, because they have found it easier to ‘use’/be involved in the DAO. The same reason a user manual exists.

How would this work - Provide a list of useful links in one spot.

I suggest no new portals, an initial step would be providing a DAO handbook (similar to going to an airbnb property!). This could even be an edit on the Welcome to ApeCoin DAO post adding in the links, or maybe a new post simply titled Useful Links with all the useful links in one place. If that post gets loads of hearts then maybe we grow the idea, but honestly even that would have been a massive improvement in my personal experience.

There is no new content just a list of the links to get to current content in most cases. The summaries of AIPs is a bit different and I would suggest V2 if we see this first step adds value, maybe it gets wrapped up into the stewards work.

I think by making the process to dig into the DAO easier new members will get further in and be more likely to stick around and grow the ecosystem. Who wouldn’t want a spade to help dig!

So in short - nothing in addition, just a pinned post with all the key links for information that already exists. If we see that is popular we can grow the idea based on community feedback. Simples :smiley:

On the meeting calendar, this would just be another link on the links page. I havent looked into it in detail yet, but I would think we could have a public google calender that people who are organising calls put their calls into. That way it becomes much easier to plan around attending all the calls one can & wants to.

I love what I have seen here and want to make it as easy as possible for people to get involved, their commitment will be judged on what they do, we just want to make it easy for them to do!


@Hangout - totally agree, discoverability is one of the biggest problems this DAO faces. We are trying to solve this with our AIP-195: Forever Apes // Upgrade #6 // ApeCoin Media Collective - Connecting Communities And Creators. Starting with community creators, our goal is to grow their audience by creating a flexible centralized schedule for people to find creators who have been buried by the algorithm. Our community is delivering some really high level content that no one knows about. I think something like this would be a natural evolution of where we are starting, would love to chat if you’re keen.


Hell yeah :smiley: will dm you now.

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YES! This is important. I have actually been thinking through a potential AIP to add a ‘Community’ link to the site to consolidate exactly the information you are listing, along with other (and future) initiatives. We are very aligned in the thinking here. Let’s connect!


Awesome, that makes tons of sense to link it to the website! Will send you a dm.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts on all this.

Glad to see that @12GAUGE popped up to share what they’re working on too - these are the sort of casual collisions that will help build more interconnected ideas together, rather than ideas working in silos.

Let us know what you guys come up with and don’t forget to integrate other ApeCoin products/services into your models (that make sense).



The single point of reference site exists in a proposal I’m putting together, and I’d certainly appreciate your help on it. Some things I’ve thought about, because I’ve been writing about this idea for months:

  1. The single point of reference should include all projects that Apecoin funds, categorized by type
  2. The site has the ability to be monetized, not just serve as a directory
  3. The site is the endpoint of the grant process, i.e., everyone that receives an ApeDAO grant owes this site content and updates. The site is made into a KPM that’s baked into every proposal and agreed to by every grantee.

The proposal is here, and the site is “DAS” - (DAO aggregation site). Would certainly love your input here, because the proposal takes the “single point of reference” you talk about and has already integrated it into a greater system that includes funding and marketing.

The model for a “single point of reference” site in web3: Newgrounds (I’ve talked about this in posts months ago). It has music, games and movies, monetizes them all, and provides links to artists’ individual websites. You add web3 to that, include new sections for the podcasts, newsletters, NFT trading, fashion, vid shorts and other DAO-inspired stuff, and you’ve got DAS — an ApeDAO hub that’s a revenue stream and marketing supernova. Talk about attracting new builders!

The single point of reference = Web3 Newgrounds = DAS. LFG. What have I missed? Comment in the proposal and let’s work out the best version of this.

I’ve also previously emailed @Forj about this, seeing as he already does directory work, but they are understandably busy and this is probably not a priority for them.


The DPH draft looks more and more impressive each time I read it - GL with it @Mantis


Coming from someone known for furious anger, that’s quite a compliment.

Have you added yoru commentary yet, and if so, do you want to be added as an author?

Sometimes Gmail names don’t match with Discourse names, so there’s no way for me to tell if the comments come from you or not.


:innocent: - I know, I really got to work harder on my debating skills, as I really am rubbish ++ lol.

I have been following DPH proposal closely, and have tried to think of areas for improvement etc, but firstly it is very solid already, also you make changes to reflect comments after absorbing them, and like most people I guess with me IRL commitments always scupper my plans and I become time poor in an instant lol.

If I do come up with any ‘bangers’ I’ll defo DM you to discuss them for inclusion, and in the meantime if I see anything that I think could be tweaked possibly I will add comments on the document for your consideration.

(Yes, is a gmail email associated with the google account I use to access, you’re right.)

GL with this! It will be well deserved to get this passed!


Thanks so much for the engagement! Such a positive vibe!

As a interim suggestion, before more comprehensive solutions are developed (@12GAUGE - AIP-195, @BoredApeG , @Mantis DPH) and so something can be achieved in the interim.

I have written below what I would have found useful joining the DAO as a starting point. It should be a living document and those who can add to it as they wish. It could be live in the help section today subject to agreement obviously!

To give context it took me ages to find these links, sourcing them from all over the place! Hopefully now new joiners will find it easier to onboard with these links easily provided.

ApeCoin DAO links library

Special Council members

News Letters

Useful information

Calendar for events

  • ApeComms Twitter spaces on Monday & Friday @ 12pm PST

Sub groups

Please update yourself or get in touch with a community member with editing privileges


100% agreed @Hangout (and everyone else)! :slight_smile:

We actually have an AIP Draft submitted (AIP40 - AIP-140: Integrate with Catapult to refine DAO Onboarding & Participation) that could also help with this.

One of the key elements of the (free) platform is a DAO homepage that makes all of these resources easily discoverable for all members.

Catapult also includes an effortless onboarding flow where the community can educate new joiners on important context as they join, as well as containing powerful tools to help members to explore and connect with other members.

Since we last spoke with ApeCoin we’ve deployed with 9 new communities (including Krause House, Biconomy DAO, and groups in Bankless DAO) and it has been going really well. Would love to bring this awesome community in. :wink:

Will post an update on our AIP today but it just felt like it was worth flagging here too.


OK first of all, I am def interested in hearing more about this, gonna dive into the doc tmo. Needed to say that before I start diving into the meat of this thread.


I have to face the facts. I want to tell you how emphatically I agree with you, but I simply don’t have a strong enough grasp of the English language to say that without getting too intense (and it’s my only language.)

That being said, contextualization is, IMO, the single biggest obstacle to widespread DAO onboarding. It is so difficult to wrangle all the information necessary to understand the full context of proposals, let alone figure out how to get involved. This is true of almost every dao - the best most can do is just check the snapshot once or twice a week, because catching up with everything cooking is simply not feasible. We are certainly going to be getting more engagement as ApecoinDAO shifts into a higher gear, and this obstacle will only grow over time. This is especially when you consider how much info can be on a single thread, and some of the threads have over 150 comments - and that’s before you start looking at google docs of AIPs under construction, where professionals and enthusiasts can actually make massive contributions.

If you want to start gaming out some sort of way to create a living document to contextualize the DAO, I would very much like to be a part of that process. This is an area where ApecoinDAO could become a leader in the space, beyond just being a giant.

What apecomms and the gazette and literally everyone are doing is phenomenal, but I want to encourage developing something that is more like the shallow end of a pool.


This is great! Thanks for taking the time to put it together! It’s definitely needed!