Which Discord server? What entity will own it? Which will operate it?

Continuing the discussion from AIP-246: Working Group Charter - Marketing & Communications:

Good to have a discussion on these 3 points:

  1. Which Discord server?
  2. What entity will own it?
  3. What entity will operate it? and on what terms?

Agreed, discussion required.

Mar/Comms main goal when drafting the charter was to provide marketing & communications services to whoever was managing the ApeCoinDAO server. As it seems likely the GovWG is doing so, I imagine they’d be the ones to work with legal and the foundation to determine “ownership”.

What are your thoughts?

1 - Are there discussions taking place to create another server? As a community member, I’d be puzzled if we decided to set-up another server as /ApeCoinDAO seems to be the “official” one already.

2 - Should AIP-317 pass, GovWG would be the only official LLC capable of taking ownership, and may be the only official LLC for at least another 4-6 months.

3 - GovWG to operate with mod help from community if it gets much busier.

If Mar/Comms was up and running today, I’m not sure Discord management would be high up on the priority list of marketing & communications tasks to tackle, as the broader community will want to see some visual “campaigns” being executed by such a WG. It’s part of the juggling act.

Just my two cents or can I say tuppence :laughing:



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