Making Apecoin server official Apecoin DAO server

Abstract :
Making official Apecoin DAO server, controlled by Governance Working Group and making it available on Apecoin official website, X account and other places where necessary.
This server came into existence years ago in the the form of Working Group Zero by the first volunteer stewards. As time passed, this unofficially became the one place to go for community engagement after X and forum and is by far the most active channels of communication we have with active users for all kind of activities. This proposal aims to make this unspoken unofficial server into official one.

I dunno why anyone has ever thought of this yet -.-

Team Description :
Author is Evil, you already know me.
Team would be GWG Stewards who are already taking care of this server.

Benefit to ApeCoin Ecosystem
There’s a large gap here for new people who are trying to explore the DAO, things like X and forums are easily accessible but what about those are dont know how to navigate things properly? Currently there is no official "Join discord " button anywhere and plenty of new comers have to rely on people’s invite via DMs or ask on X spaces.
Having a permanent custom code and link for discord and "Join discord " button update on official X account and Apecoin official site would help a lot of people navigate smoothly across communication channels.


Key Terms :

Discord: Discord is an instant messaging and VoIP social platform which allows communication through voice calls, video calls, text messaging, and media and files. Communication can be private or take place in virtual communities called “servers”.
As of now its the most popular tool for crypto communities to communicate and engage after X and Telegram.

Custom Link Invite : A fancy and permanent way to share a channel’s invite link that is permanent and exclusive to it. For example, existing permanent invite link in Apecoin is (

Platforms and Technologies :
Discord: A popular social media chatting service.

Steps to Implement :
Upon acceptance, the Ape Foundation representative take control over the discord; Webslinger as the main admin, followed by GWG Stewards and team.
Once done, official links to the discord server will be made available across X and website.

Overall Cost :
Assuming the lawyers wont charge 4 dabloons for sensing some sort of illegal activities or going against community guidelines ( IKYK ), I think copy pasting the link on X and adding a button that directs to the server on official site should cost $0.

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No brainer. Definitely should pass and be made easier to find.


Would definetely support this.


Thanks for the word of trust @Apewhale @Moonlyght , I’m afraid at surface its a no brainer for sure but legally for Ape Foundation, making a community created discord server years ago become the official one might be something to think about. We can have founders of Yuga here in this server themselves and become unofficially official lol


Would love to see a few additional costs related to full-time moderation, vibes and marketing efforts to draw new users in… I think for around 15-20k we could make a huge dent and the voting community would see the value.



We also need to look at the ownership of this server. Will it be owned by the GWG Non Profit or by the ApeCoin Foundation?


Honestly depends on the number of mods, something that can come under both GWG and marketing. AFAIK facilitators are acting mods for discord alongside stewards unofficially.
Damn just realized we’ve been operating the server fully decentralized xD

Ideally GWG LLC


Hi ApeCoin DAO Community,

Upon careful review, the proposal has been deemed “Return for Reconstruction”. In doing so, the Special Council cited:

The ApeCoin DAO Community Discord channel is not an official asset of the ApeCoin DAO. The ApeCoin DAO and the APE Foundation do not have direct authority or control over the server. Please make the necessary amendments to your Draft to reflect this information.

We thank the author for their participation and encourage everyone to continue sharing ideas with the ApeCoin DAO Community.

This Topic will be moved to and remain in the Withdrawn AIPs - Returned for Reconstruction category. The author may resubmit their proposal if they wish.