Discuss the daily operations and work management models of DAO and funded AIPs

Firstly, salute to everyone who is still here!
The ApeCoin DAO is getting stronger and evolving rapidly with the participation of industry experts, OG Apes, kind-hearted members, and so on. It’s already a big difference from the first day of establishment.
Thus, achieving transparency is essential to ensuring that its mission and vision align with stakeholder expectations. As we grow into larger groups, the need for tools to manage tasks and communication becomes increasingly important. Transparency not only helps build trust among stakeholders but also allows for a clear understanding of how the DAO operates in pursuit of its mission and vision. In this context, implementing effective task management tools can facilitate the coordination and collaboration required to maintain transparency and ensure that the DAO’s activities remain in line with its overarching goals.
Furthermore, it is also critical to enforce that DAO-funded AIPs adopt the same method and tools that are transparent and responsible to voters.

So, it’s open to discussing what transparency tools we can propose to the DAO and AIPs. How does it work?

For example:

Dework https://app.dework.xyz/

  • Task management tool open to view for everyone, transparent operation
  • Allows tasks to work openly or privately
  • Excellent role management
  • Able to offer tasks as bounty, encourage participation
  • Progressive funding on AIPs, avoid bad-actor from draining the treasury
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The idea is great. Mb we should write to Atllasian to collab with first Web3 community. It would be great for us and for them, for sure!


This is great dework has some great reviews and community feedback. It would certainly be more in line with the ethos of web3 to have everything as public as possible.

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Would they make this publicly open, so that anyone who wants to join the DAO can check the work out? I think that it’s pretty centralised right?


Cool idea! This could also be a way to keep up with all passed AIPs and where they are in the execution timeline!

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Yep, the admins can setup “board” or any others visualisation instruments that way.

Firstly, this tool was created to support IM (Incident Management) and RM (Release Management) in IT departments (quite big ones) so inside one big wide company teams from different countries can work on same tasks etc.

Then Atllasian released addons for diffirent types of tasks - this tool became suitable for tracking CRM activities, project/product management and so on.

The main feature - it can be very flexible but setting up the tool in the way DAO wants can be difficult enough and maybe we’d request some help of specialists. But the idea of this tool is very suitable for Your case - it can be visible for all who have the link (with user rights model, of course). Or maybe we can even integrate the mechanism which can give the access only for $APE holders - I don’t know that for sure.

The other difficult thing, in my opinion, would be negotiation with sales department of Atllasian - this tool is really “professional” one, so the price can be insanely high, but, with right setup, it’ll bring so much more efficiency in DAO - it can be even surprising.

If You have some more questions, we can talk about it - just PM me. I had an experience for setting this tool up for my team (9 people) at work.

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