Ape Foundation Transparency Report - 2023 - Q4

Hi ApeCoin DAO community,

We are pleased to publish Q4 2023 Ape Transparency Report. This report shows $APE balances, inflows and outflows, and grants that have been allocated, paid, and remaining.

Full reports linked here
:memo: Q4 2023 (Oct-Dec 2023)

A TLDR; version of the report can be found at this Twitter (link)


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I admittedly have no idea if this is the right place, but transparency seemed like the best place to pose these questions.

a) I know for each AIP we ask for KPIs/ROI to be tracked is there a specific location this information is collected?
b) There are a variety of positions within the DAO, some coming up for vote here soon, is there a place to see who are all of the individuals currently employed by the DAO?
c) Do we somehow track what different employees / working groups are tackling? What was completed in Q1 and what is being worked on in Q2?
d) Are there KPIs/ROI associated with those individuals that are being tracked? Akin to a quarterly or annual performance review.

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