GWG POLL - NFTs for AIP Authors

Hi there MisterHype!

This is a series of polls, in the idea phase of the ApeCoinDAO Discourse; where we encourage feedback and ideas of all shapes and sizes. If an idea pops up that doesn’t align with your needs, I suggest focusing more on the concepts themselves vs immediately looking to prioritize them next to things like token price.

Keeping that in mind, I am happy to let you know that the Governance Working Group is at the onset of building our next budget which will become a highly comprehensive document addressing many factors at the DAO; including things like the On-Chain Grants proposal that was put up just over one week ago — where in that one initiative we look to execute grants with a dramatically reduced overhead cost to the DAO, provide direct grant opportunities for new communities that we plan to onboard into our ecosystem, and roll out an on-chain protocol that has simply never been achieved before at ApeCoin, all in an effort to move closer toward a more diversified and transparent treasury.

I’d also add how important it is for us to keep a positive tone in our communication channels so that when we are able to bring new people into places like this, they feel comfortable enough to participate and put up their own ideas.

DMs are always open.