Help Earning Badges Here

GM Everyone,

Been a BAYC member since 2021, but I’m new here (Less than 1 week) so my apologies if this is the wrong place to post/ask about this

I need a bit of help with earning some of the 1st set of badges…

I’m not sure where the tutorial or the wiki posts to edit are

Also, I tried adding a link to another topic, but I don’t think it worked. Maybe someone can explain to me how to do this

Also, I need to know how to reply to a post via email

If anyone needs help with any of the badges I have earned already I can explain and walk you through how I got them

Thanks for any help provided

-Dan GT


Hi @DGT to get the licensed badge follow the steps I wrote in this post. Discord


Thanks @Mr.and89,

Saw you post where it says, “To carry out this tutorial you will have to write a message to discobot on apecoin discourse with the following text @discobot start advanced tutorial.”

We are in the ApeCoin discourse now. How do I write a message to discobot?


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


@discobot start advanced tutorial

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see if among the received messages you have a message from discobot. if yes, write this text in that message @discobot start advanced tutorial.

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Did you succeed? Let me know :wink: :smile:

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Yesss! Worked! Thanks!


Now I need to complete the New User Tutorial…working backwards lol

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Great. happy for your certificate :wink:

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Just got the Basic one also.

Thanks for your help.



Trying to add a link to another topic…


GM Everyone that’s active on here :coffee:

Thanks to everyone who has helped me so far

Need help earning the “First Reply By Email” badge. Not sure how to do that?

(Last earned by @byhectord , @bigbull , @GuyMadden , @75andre40 , @Evil , @mattborchert , @Sasha , @Hangout , @ApeWireless )

Any help is greatly appreciated :green_heart:


Just make sure your settings are on for email, you can try it out with this post for example, your notification of my message should get sent to your email, you just need to reply to it with more than 20 characters.

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the list you posted does not present all the apecoin discourse badges. If you need the complete list, I’ll tell you how to find it.

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Email is a tricky one. You need your own post or I think if you somehow bookmark a post you get an email from ApeCoin Dao to reply to. I honestly forgot but it wasn’t obvious. One thing I remember is DMs don’t count.

You can see all the badges here:

I am still looking to get these.

If you like any of my posts give some hearts here:

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I’m typing in this reply hoping that you will get a notification of this on your email.
Just simply

and hit send


Wait… is IShowSpeed on board?!

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Thanks! I think we should be good. Replying now to see what happens.

Correct! This is just the 1st basic set. Thanks

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