@houdinifr - Nomination 7/2023

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @houdinifr

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Houdinifr_

Educational Background:

Completed Bachelor’s Degree at University of Delaware (UD) in 2020 with Mathematics B.A., Integrated Design Minor, and Certification in Business Essentials. During my time at UD, I took up many entrepreneurial programs including a 12-week intensive entrepreneurial bootcamp called Summer Founders and won awards including Horn Entrepreneurship 17&43 “Most Promising Venture”, & Cristin C. Duprey Diversity and Inclusivity Award.

As a senior in college, I co-founded a food accessibility startup called GetPotluck, an on-demand delivery service that delivered international foods to international students, communities, etc. We started from scratch with minimal funding and continued to develop the startup for 2 years, making about 200 deliveries in the Greater Philadelphia Area.

Professional Background:

My professional background exists heavily in operations, project/product management, and data. As a data product manager and data UX researcher in the startup space, I’ve rolled out SaaS products to 800+ end-users, 250+ businesses, and ~50 internal team members in my business-to-business roles. Each of these products began as a product initiative document, where the problem, rationale, specifications, and more are outlined. From there, we determine if and how we create the products.

As a grocery delivery founder, I raised over $25,000 to help create a runway for our operations. I was in charge of strategically allocating funds to all costs of doing business. This role was extremely important since we were still very limited financially and had to, for example, temporarily front the costs of purchasing groceries with each delivery. This then influenced terms and service caps that were set as a result of being a small startup with limited funding.

Additionally, I’m a fellow at Venture for America, a fellowship that matches fellows seeking to make the most impact in their work and environment to startup companies. I’m also an entrepreneurship mentor/consultant at the University of Delaware’s Horn Entrepreneurship school and have served as an advisor in other places such as Schoolyard Ventures.

Nomination Statement

Concise statement on why you are running for the Special Council

I go by Houdinifr, a name that might be unfamiliar to you. And that’s exactly the point. I’m not just seeking a position on the Special Council to fulfill its demands, but to also serve as a conduit for those who are on the outside looking into our vibrant ApeCoin community. With your trust, I promise to fuel my position with ALL of my skills, experiences, and undivided attention.


Details on your motivation for becoming an ApeCoin DAO Special Council member

Without possessing high-value Yuga asset ownership, I bring a relentless commitment to the Ape Foundation - emotionally, intellectually, and financially. Recognizing the DAO’s existing Yuga-centricity, I am confident that the combination of my “Yuga-outsider” perspective and my fellow council members would optimize our facilitation, create diverse dialogue within the Special Council, and enrich the DAO’s collective vision. My commitment goes beyond supporting the Ape Foundation. I aim to help ApeCoin become a friendly front door to the amazing world of Web3 - it all starts here.


Share relevant experience and skills that will bring value to the ApeCoin community

I have a strong background in entrepreneurship, product/project management, operations, fundraising, and serving a multitude of stakeholders. I understand the intricacies of creating and facilitating operating procedures, project development, and most importantly, community building.

One instance where these skills were put to the test was in creating a self-serve onboarding process for customers. My company’s traditional onboarding was very tedious and time consuming. As a result, similar to the AIP process, I led my team in crafting a long yet smooth, end-to-end flow where, in the end, we would capture submissions with information necessary to onboard a customer without human intervention. I first-handedly facilitated this process, constantly making improvements after capturing user feedback. It was not an easy feat, but I was able to get the job done in collaboration with my team members. I aim to do the same with members on the Special Council.

In many of my roles, I’ve had to mitigate risks by thinking through the long-term impact, hurdles, and benefits that a project or product would pose on stakeholders. An example was when I created data dashboards using SQL for mid-market and enterprise-level chain convenience stores. Our business model involved a multitude of micro-transactions with our direct customers, making accuracy and record alignment paramount. This experience parallels the attention to detail needed in drafting a comprehensive AIP Analysis Report, and I intend to bring this meticulousness to my Special Council role.

Though I’ve had many more, with these experiences alone, I know I will be instrumental in contributing to the ApeCoin community and am ready to take on ANY challenge the role poses.


Further describe relevant experience, including crypto and governance participation, and/or ideas for DAO improvement

I recently partook in the AIP Idea-a-thon where I was chosen as a winner for the community building and events category. In its most basic sense, the idea - ApeX Showcase - is a quarterly showcase and competition. However, the long term vision is to bring people closer, expose interests and skills, network, and overall have the showcase serve as a spotlighted stage that would bring more individuals, in and outside of Web3, to our ApeCoin community. I believe the judges grasped that vision and saw the true value it would bring to ApeCoin & the foundation. I’m currently in the process of submitting a formal proposal.

Diving deeper into the community, I’ve signed up as a music producer on Apetalent.xyz, spoke in a ThankApe hosted Twitter space, staked all of my ApeCoin in Tessera’s staking pool, listened in on multiple Ape-affiliated Twitter spaces, and actively engaged with and utilized Discourse, Snapshot, and ThankApe.com.

Beyond my ongoing engagement with our community, my goal is to ignite a spark within others, encouraging them to voice their opinions, actively participate, and bring their unique ideas to the table.

Concluding Statement

Summarize your statement as to why you are the best choice for Special Council

Claiming to be the ‘best choice’ for the Special Council simply isn’t my style. What I am 100% certain of, however, is that the fusion of diverse perspectives, a multitude of skills, and a broad range of knowledge is what brings true strength and decentralization to the Special Council. As cheesy as it sounds, it’s true! This is what I will bring to the Special Council.

In the Council, I’d leverage my unique blend of operations and management experience, my active participation in the DAO, and my multifaceted skills - the most important being my ability to listen. In orchestrating a seamless pipeline into ApeCoin, I plan to uphold the community-centric approach I’ve demonstrated in all my consumer-focused roles.

The bottom line is this: With me, you’ll get non-stop out-of-the-box thinking and non-stop listening. I want to look back at the strengthened and dominating infrastructure of ApeCoin 10 years down the line and say “I helped build that”. I look forward to empowering our ApeCoin community, broadening our horizons, and connecting more people with the exciting opportunities that ApeCoin and Web3 offer.


Reply reserved for incoming info!

A very interesting candidate, perhaps I’ll take a closer look :thinking:

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I don’t know that we have ever officially met but glad to see those with a different perspective step forward. good luck!


Thank you cap! Likewise!

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My number one question I am asking to all nominees is, in your opinion what is the biggest hurdle we’ve yet to get past in the DAO?

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Hey Phil @phibacka31 ,

Great question.

I think the biggest hurdle the DAO still faces wraps around onboarding and education. I’ve had the power to be more involved in the DAO since March of 2022. It wasn’t until ~2 months ago that I really dove deep and started learning about how to contribute, participate, vote, etc. I’m not the only one.

There are over 120,000 wallets carrying ApeCoin; the average trader has 2-3 wallets, so let’s assume for a minute that there are 40,000 ApeCoin holders. That would mean, for example, less than 2% (743 at the time of writing this) were active users in Discourse in the past month - many that may have only logged in and did no more.

This is a strong reflection and representation of ApeCoin DAO involvement. I think part of it is an intimidation/FUD that comes from the combined seasoned members of the DAO and the BAYC centricity within the DAO. This is why I aim to be a face of “Yuga PFP outsiders” - to remind people that the foundation has a huge web3 mission that they can be apart of.

Another issue arises from a lack of understanding regarding the variety of tools, resources, projects, platforms that exist for and within the DAO, and how they work. There is such a steep learning curve and even, for example, an uncertainty of the integrity of DAO platforms when connecting wallets. This past week, I chatted with a member who says that they will not connect their wallet to Snapshot and forfeit voting to avoid the risk of losing their assets. The ThankApe idea-a-thon was a great way to break down barriers, incentivize individuals to partake, share good ideas, and ultimately grow the DAO. There are so many undiscovered opportunities like this that can increase DAO member engagement and simultaneously have a long-term net positive on the DAO.

We need more clarity and streamlined experiences to successfully onboard. Then, we can truly scale $APE, push the borders of the DAO, and become the backbone of art, gaming, entertainment, and events in Web3.

Houdini :rocket:


What the right words buddy, you hit a lot of sick issues that are really poignant in the community and should be addressed by the DAO.

Take this forum. I first came here in February or early March. But I was absolutely confused, did not know where to start, everything seemed confusing and incomprehensible. Of course, I immediately bookmarked the page. Then I tried several times to start dating again, but I can say I just opened and closed the forum, without progress)) In the first season of ThankApe, I again paid attention to the forum, but even the awards in $APE did not prompt me to register. For several months, I stayed on the sidelines, flipping through correspondence, studying AIP and interaction within the DAO. And now, only 3 months later, I went through the registration process. It seems to me that not many even pass my path))

For many, all the obstacles you describe are of great importance. This is an acute problem, I am very glad that you are aware of its magnitude and I hope you will be able to solve it if the opportunity arises :muscle:

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100% and thank you for the kind words and your shared experience @Zloj. We need more of this feedback in general.

I really want to bring my full self to the position, my product / end-user-centric side especially, to help improve the DAO. @yatsiu in a spaces said, going into the role, you drop all the structure from your previous experiences and have to be very open.

I get excited about this and about working with 4 others with different perspectives because that is where the best work and success emerges. While doing great work, I aim to leverage my platform to work on these user experiences and really voice the opinions of the DAO.


Thank you for the thoughtful response. Communicating with the entire space more is imperative to bring in more communities. Agreed that the turnout currently needs to be addressed and any and all questions answered.

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Hello Apecoin DAO community,

@houdinifr has requested they withdraw their application for Special Council. As such, this topic will now be Withdrawn.