How is return for reconstruction used?

Is return for reconstruction used at the Administrative review phase or after the apecoin.eth snapshot phase? Can it be used at either step?

Please answer the question and whoever answers correctly, I will mark it as solved.


Hey @bigbull,

The Return for Reconstruction tag is part of Phase 6: Administrative Review. Proposals that enter this phase traditionally follow one of these three paths:

  • Approved for Voting
  • Return for Clarification
  • Return for Reconstruction

If flagged as Return for Clarification or Return for Reconstruction, a reason is provided to the author. As taken from the website, reasons to tag as “Return for Reconstruction” include but are not limited to:

  • Proposal is at odds with the mission/values of the DAO
  • Proposal is at odds with the well-being of the DAO
  • Violations of law, or against advice of counsel for APE Foundation
  • Reasonable suspicion of fraud or other misleading information

Proposals that make it to Phase 7: Live AIP on Snapshot are either approved or rejected by a DAO-wide vote.

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