Implementation Update | AIP-134: Bug Bounty Program for AIP-21

AIP Name: AIP-134: Bug Bounty Program for AIP-21

Implementation Status: Complete

Author: @maariab

Abstract Summary: As we near the launch of the ApeCoin staking system outlined in AIP-21 and AIP-22 , we propose taking additional measures to ensure the DAO is following smart contract security best practices. This proposal uses treasury assets to fund a 1 million $APE bug bounty program with Immunefi , and partners with Llama to help design, implement, and run operations of these initiatives.

This proposal would go into effect ahead of staking rewards beginning to accrue with AIP-21. The smart contract for AIP-21 is currently live on testnet so the bug bounty program can go into effect shortly after the AIP passes.

This proposal will delay staking rewards by roughly 3 weeks. If this proposal passes, staking rewards would begin accruing on 12/7, rather than 11/14. Though the 3 week delay is unfortunate it is vastly preferable to a security breach as a result of not following security best practices. We believe it is very beneficial for the DAO to approve this program.

Overall Cost: 1,000,000 ApeCoin

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