Implementation Update | AIP-169: Beyond the SWAMP: Bimonthly ApeCoin & Yuga Labs Focused Magazine + NFT

AIP Name: AIP-169: Beyond the SWAMP: Bimonthly ApeCoin & Yuga Labs Focused Magazine + NFT

Implementation Status: Pending

Author: @AllCityBAYC

Abstract Summary:

Beyond the SWAMP aims to produce a vibrant, high-quality collectible bimonthly magazine claimed through the sale of accompanying NFTs displaying each issue’s cover art—similar to Punks comic but with varying rarity and added rewards. Aside from columns featuring news and difference makers from outside of our ecosystem, content will focus on the ApeCoinDAO, ApeCoinDAO-led initiatives, successful ApeCoinDAO AIPs, and ApeCoin use cases; Yuga Labs and the growing number of projects under their umbrella; brands utilizing holder IP; diversity within regional meetup groups; female collectors; augmented reality through a sponsorship with Art House ; gaming; art, tech and blockchain. All primary sales will be conducted in APE, contributors will be paid in APE and any future revenue raised from in-magazine advertising will be received in APE.

Our mission is to create an onramp into the ApeCoin and Yuga Labs ecosystems while strengthening ties between existing communities. We will take an ethical approach to journalism, provide culture-driven meaningful content, and act as a springboard for existing and up-and-coming artists. Our team is made up by a creative director with a history in bookmaking alongside a team of illustrators and graphic designers.

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We also want to further-facilitate artists by providing interview space and fair compensation for cover art. Additional features include spotlights on active community members; regional BAYC groups like Bored Club Canada, TaiwanDAO, FrenchApeYC and associations like PinkDAO; women in the space; Blender tips and tech talk; metaverse; memes; music and photography; generative artwork; Meebin with the Meebits; Mutants are INSANE; Mutant Cartel and the Mutant Hounds; Cryptopunks and Cryptopunks history; 10ktf; interviews; features on ApeCoinDAO Special Council members and Stewards; discussions with founders; security tips; advertisements from brands utilizing holder IP (ApeWater, ForeverApes etc); gaming; as well as articles written by contributors sourced from projects like Nouns, Doodles, Gutter Cat Gang, Moonbirds, CloneX, and Deadfellaz. We will also be including advanced in-magazine AR capabilities to bring artwork, advertising and otherwise static NFTs to life triggered by QR codes.

Also important to note that as marketing in the NFT space shifts away from macro influencers we believe that providing community-driven content packaged in a collectible physical form will initiate broader trust from outsiders and better prepare them for onboarding. It should also be said that for some collectors, tangible products often feel longer lasting or more real than digital; particularly to those just entering the space. That being said many others prefer tokens, so keeping those community members in mind we want to include additional NFT packs based on Beyond the SWAMP NFT rarity.

Beyond the SWAMP is seeking a one-time grant for company development and first issue production. The layout of our magazine will be completed by a team of career creatives specializing in layout, illustration and graphic design. Beginning with an initial rollout of 350 copies, we will create an economy of scale increasing to 500 copies for our second issue and 750 copies from issues three to six totalling 3850 magazines in our first year at an average production cost of $13.63 per copy. Taking this approach will allow us to grow our readership cautiously during tumultuous market conditions while lowering the overall grant request and cost to the community. External services and service providers include advisors, legal, website builders, smart contract developer, audit team, printing and promotion.

Overall Cost: $52,500

Timeline Updates:

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