Implementation Update | AIP-208: Reflecting on AIP161 Feedback and Revising Proposed Reward

AIP Name: AIP-208: Reflecting on AIP161 Feedback and Revising Proposed Reward

Implementation Status: Complete

Author: @codeislight

Abstract Summary:

  • The gas optimization contribution that has taken place continues to serve and save users a significant amount of funds for gas fees on a daily basis, so far as of 4th February, it has saved 80+ETH (which is 5.5% of the 3 years staking period) and expected to save a total of 1450ETH+ in the total 3 years staking period, please refer to the Dune dashboard .
  • This proposal aims to review the proposed reward for AIP 161 , the feedback from the community was eye opening and insightful to shape the current proposal.
  • In summary, back when the staking contract was being audited through AIP34, I found multiple gas optimizations findings, which were shared with Immunefi and classified as out of scope, since they are only concerned about security findings. thereafter, due to the time scarcity to form an AIP and wait for it to pass to implement the gas optimizations and the mainnet launch was in the following 2-3 weeks. I decided to get it implemented by reaching out to Horizen Labs. which they were happy about the findings and implemented the findings at the last moments.
  • This proposal will set an example and a motivation for open source contributors to contribute to the DAO and obey by one of the main DAO’s guiding values:
    Collective Responsibility: We leave everything better than we found it.”

Overall Cost: 6,000 ApeCoin

In Reference To: Previously Rejected AIP-161: A Reward Proposal for Staking Contract Gas Optimization Contribution

Timeline Updates:

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