Implementation Update | AIP-294: Use of ApeCoin logo/branding for a ‘WLT SKN’ in the WLT mobile app by Satoshi’s Closet

AIP Name: AIP-294: Use of ApeCoin logo/branding for a ‘WLT SKN’ (wallet skin) in the WLT mobile app by Satoshi’s Closet

Implementation Status: Complete

Implementation Date: 10/30/2023

Author: @cliveapestein

Abstract Summary: WLT by Satoshi’s Closet is a mobile wallet app for iOS and Android specifically designed to view your entire NFT collection across multiple blockchains and wallets in one place without ever needing to enter your private keys. One feature of the WLT app is ‘WLT SKNS’ - a way to personalize and skin the app with your favorite visual aesthetic. We propose to release (at zero cost) an ApeCoin WLT SKN to have collectors both inside and outside of the Yuga ecosystem enjoy and show their support for ApeCoin.

Demo video: Dropbox - WLT-demo-video-2023Q1.mp4 - Simplify your life

Overall Cost: There is no cost to implement this proposal.

Timeline Updates:

Interview Q&A:

1.) Do you have anything you would like to tell the community?

I appreciate the amount of support I’ve received from the BAYC community and other web3 projects and frens. In addition to the ApeCoin WLT SKN (“wallet skin”) we created with this AIP for our WLT mobile app, we also did ones with PFP communities @TheAlienBoyNFT, @warpsound_ai and @thepuffergang.

At the same time, we have some unfinished business on this front — a couple years ago we sold and gave away about 100 mintpasses for WLT SKNS as NFTs by several artists we are friends with, and for a few reasons that project still hasn’t made it out of the kitchen. I still feel a hole there to be filled. The ingredients are still there and I still will deliver - in some form - on that one.

2.) How can the community support your initiative?

We have been a primarily self-funded team for the last two years, so even though we’ve built a TON of really great stuff, it’s been an uphill battle to get a foothold in a crowded market. We are probably too quiet on social, but I ask everyone to follow us @satoshiscloset_ because we have a lot of water built up behind this dam, and when it finally breaks we want to share with our earliest and most devoted supporters.

3.) The ApeCoin DAO has posted a few resources on navigating the AIP process, including a series of Discourse posts; based on your experience, are these resources and the website helpful for drafting an AIP?

They must have been! I just followed that template and had a couple Ape friends who are more active in the DAO provide me with a few tips along the way.

4.) Do you provide consent to share these questions with the community in this forum?