Implementation Update | AIP-362: Establish bi-monthly AIP voting periods

AIP Name: AIP-362: Establish bi-monthly AIP voting periods

Implementation Status: Complete

Author: @BoredClubCanada

Abstract Summary: The current weekly voting system has significant disadvantages to both AIP authors and voters, particularly delegations. It is often quoted to be too short for AIP authors to adequately campaign for their AIPs, and for voters it has often been quoted to be too frequent.

Bored Club Canada being an active delegate, it is in our experience that the weekly voting is challenging to administer and we could be more efficient if we had more time for our delegates and authors. A bi-monthly (twice per month) voting period is also implemented by our DAO peers such as Arbitrum Foundation.

We propose moving to a bi-monthly (twice per month) voting period of 14 days each. Each voting period would commence for the First and Third Thursday of each month.

APE Foundation will still reserve the right to modify voting periods at its discretion (e.g. emergencies, risks to the DAO, etc.) with reasonable notice to the community and for non-AIPs (e.g. elections).

Overall Cost: 0 ApeCoin

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The APE Foundation is exercising its right outlined in AIP-362 to modify the voting period, and will be implementing a 13-day voting period as opposed to the 14-day voting period initially suggested by AIP-362. This 13-day voting period adds a 24-hour window between voting periods, which is a necessary buffer window so that the APE Foundation has the administrative time to take snapshots and post the AIPs on Snapshot, which is particularly important when a vote that is active on Snapshot has implications for a vote going to Snapshot in the immediately subsequent voting period (e.g. election votes with two rounds, etc).

Please take notice that this change will be implemented starting in the next voting period, beginning Thursday January 19th, 2024, and going forward.

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