Implementation Update | AIP-381: ApeCoin Powered GameFi DAOs & Vaults - Resubmission

AIP Name: AIP-381: ApeCoin Powered GameFi DAOs & Vaults - Resubmission

Implementation Status: Pending

Author: @LL99Starz

Abstract Summary: This AIP aims to build an ecosystem of GameFi NFT-based DAOs and vault, powered by ApeCoin. Using smart contract wallets, the AIP will establish a lend/borrow NFT assets & rewards vault for the game community.

The ApeDAO wanted to implement active user engagement in a Game community by enabling GameFi Segment with the DAO and smart contract Wallets. As NFT-based P2E games grow in popularity, NFT asset management ecosystems - driven by the community - are becoming essential, as they allow asset rotation among active community members. This maximizes the potential of NFT DeFi.

Gamified DAOs are built in a way that only allows active wallets to keep the assets and continue participating in the game. For inactive assets, the DAO will run a vote to pull them from the member wallets and into the vault. The assets will later be reallocated to other members, as per the policy set by the DAO members.

This approach increases NFT scarcity and price in the market which will eventually attract more buyers and investment in the ApeCoin-driven DAO community. Furthermore, the DAO will offer incentives to participating voters, creating a constructive cycle of engagement.

All the DAO processes will run on a predefined set of rules to streamline community governance.

Each game community will have its own DAO and members where rules of governance and different policies are defined by the community members. Once the governance is established, a dedicated vault is created/ deployed for each community to lend their assets either as an individual member or through a community proposal for pooled resources. The community can buy assets for the vault to be later lent to the players and earn rewards based on a distribution set by the DAO distribution policy.

Overall Cost: 520k USD, denominated in $APE

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