Implementation Update | AIP-395: .APE - Launching the Real .APE Top-Level Domain on the Internet

AIP Name: AIP-395: .APE - Launching the Real .APE Top-Level Domain on the Internet

Implementation Status: Pending

Implementation Date: N/A

Author: @staypuft

Abstract Summary:

ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), the world’s authority on IP addresses and domain names, has permissioned the second-ever instance in the history of the Internet to apply for new top-level domains (TLDs). The imminent reopening for a limited duration and potential cap on applications adds a layer of scarcity and urgency to this opportunity.

This is a proposal to create the .APE top-level domain (TLD) as a real-world asset (RWA) during the upcoming ICANN application round, which we anticipate will open as soon as 2025. The application takes approximately one (1) year to prepare and is led by D3, a next-generation identity company focused on bridging the gap between traditional Internet infrastructure and Web3.

The .APE TLD has the potential to create a lucrative, perpetual source of revenue for ApeCoin DAO, enabling growth of the community through new .APE domains, and cement ApeCoin (and $APE) as a major real-world asset with interoperability and utility at its core. D3 plans to offer a patent-pending tokenized *APE (e.g. SAM *APE) as an immediate Web3 identifier for users, while in parallel submitting the ICANN application for the real .APE TLD to enable future interoperability and native resolution seamlessly across Web2 and Web3. ApeCoin DAO will receive 50% of all gross revenues generated from the *APE name tokens and the .APE Top-Level Domain

D3 has quickly become the official identity service platform for numerous top Web3 communities. The team is made up of experienced industry veterans that have received accreditation by ICANN as both TLD registry operators and domain name registrars, and has decades of experience acquiring, launching, and operating 40+ TLDs, including .XYZ, .INC, .TV, and .LINK.

With D3, the ApeCoin community has a unique opportunity to apply for and launch the .APE top-level domain (TLD) with the potential to generate multi-million dollars in annual revenue that can be utilized for the DAO. D3 commits to supporting the ApeCoin DAO to establish the .APE TLD as the next phenomenon on the Internet.

It is not possible for any entity or individual to “own” a TLD. ICANN contractually grants the rights to exclusively operate and monetize each TLD that automatically renews every 10 years. This is true of every ICANN-accredited gTLD, including .com and .xyz. In order for the ApeCoin DAO to take advantage of the benefits the D3 team offers as an existing ICANN-accredited registry operator (e.g. expedited application and minimal diligence on the DAO and the Foundation), D3 must be the TLD applicant and contracted registry operator with ICANN. This also means that D3 will take on the onerous ongoing registry obligations (e.g. annual audits, compliance, etc) to ensure .APE remains in good standing. D3 acts as essentially the white-glove and full-service operator for .APE. ApeCoin DAO and the Foundation will maintain a vested interest and voice in all TLD operations, including pricing strategy, launch timeline, whitelists and blacklists, and more. Should the Foundation desire to create its own entity and maintain the complex ongoing registry obligations, D3 will be happy to facilitate the transfer for the .APE TLD once approved.

There will be no exclusivity beyond the .APE TLD: the ApeCoin DAO has the freedom to work with other grant recipients for other TLDs, although this is practically unlikely as there are economies at scale associated with hosting multiple TLDs with D3.

It should be noted however that, in considering the best interests of the Apecoin DAO and its members, it is our firm belief that D3 should hold exclusive rights to the .APE domain name extension, just like the real .COM or .XYZ domain name extension. Given the upcoming opportunities and challenges with the ICANN round, ensuring that D3 maintains exclusivity over the .APE domain extension is not just a strategic move—it is a necessary step to protect and nurture the Apecoin DAO’s growth.

Overall Cost: 3 million ApeCoin

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